Which Acupressure Points Heal Headaches?

As we go about our day-to-day lives the exposure to daily stressors and environmental stressors can be overwhelming. Juggling our jobs, social life and getting in all that important exercise can sometimes cause an imbalancement in how we feel. At times, you will need to focus on relaxing your body and introducing a few de-stressing practices which will help keep you and your body feeling it’s very best. In this modern day and age, technology and screens are extremely prominent. In fact, they are permanently a factor embedded into our daily lives. Due to this the commonality of headaches and backaches are growing, with more of us getting blue-light inflicted migraines than before. Meaning the need for self care and one's own exploration of relaxation techniques to recharge the body has become much more crucial. Whether that's through physical practices such as yoga, meditation or even acupressure, we all need time to de-stress and wind down, far away from our screens.

Derived from ancient Chinese traditions, acupressure involves the elimination of our body’s stressors and tension through different techniques. It is based on the concept of life energy targeting pressure points throughout our energetic highways known as the body's meridians. In this article, we’ll look at acupressure as a whole, whilst also exploring what traditional acupressure points are in our body and how that can come into play in our journey towards relaxation. As well as Yogi Bare’s acupressure alternatives and practices to help relieve your daily stressors. 

What are acupressure points?

Traditionally, acupressure was used to target the body's pressure points and focuses on the attention to sensitivity, resulting in the body stimulating its own healing energy. Thought to help relieve pain, establish balance and improve the body's strength through energetic pathways of our body's meridians. By applying pressure to acupoints within the body, it can help release stress and muscle tension as well as encourage blood circulation. 

 Targeting the body's sensitivity by applying pressure techniques can be an introduction into traditional techniques, with similar benefits than acupuncture, another ancient technique but involves thin needles professionally placed to relieve tension and pain. Acupressure can be an introductory avenue for natural healing, and an overall bodily tension relief.

What are tension Headaches? 

Tension type headaches are the most common type purely because of their everyday causes. Having many possible triggers, tension headaches can come about daily and last as long as a week. They can be triggered by an imbalancement from stress and anxiety which may result in a  strain-like response. Therefore, due to the commonality of these, the tension and impact can also result in the neck and scalp muscles to become tense and contract.  Therefore, to eliminate said tension, there are a few techniques and methods to turn to in order to stimulate healing and relieve the pain.. Acupressure techniques are known to help relieve both stress  and tension headaches by applying pressure to certain parts of the body in order to bring attention to those more sensitive areas and trigger a healing stimulation. 

How to relieve stress with acupressure? 

The relief of stress and contracted muscles can be from applying acupressure techniques to certain pressure points, relieving aspects like low back pain, postoperative pain, or headaches. Restoring one's balance and de-stressing the body by targeting trigger points allow for the body to reactivate its energetic highways.  

 Acupressure set

At Yogi Bare we acknowledge daily stressors and recognise and thrive in considering alternatives options to relieve bodily tension and daily stresses on your body. Yoga can have such a benefit to address harmony in your body, mind and environment, channeling strength and unity in one's physical and mental development. Acknowledging alternative methods and improving one's ability to destress from tensive bodily hotspots at Yogi Bare we’ve launched a fusion of both ancient techniques like acupressure through a daily practise of yoga by launching  Yogi Bare Acupressure mat black and Yogi Bare Acupressure pillow black.

Bringing acupressure to a more accessible environment, our acupressure mat and pillow work in similar ways to the ancient art of the acupressure ethos, stimulating energy, vitality and a sense of well being in the body.  Adding an engineering texture to a mat to mimic the pressure points of acupressure. With the gentle, painless pressure given from lying on the mat and the pillow, it allows the body to relax and release endorphins. Resulting in panic flow of the body, that when lay on for around 20 minutes a day, the endorphin kick and de-stress pressured stimulation. Leaving you feeling a sense of elation of inviting happiness and calm. 

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