Unveiling the Essence: Yogi Bear's Panel Discussion on Finding Purpose, Resilience, and Wellness

Unveiling the Essence: Yogi Bear's Panel Discussion on Finding Purpose, Resilience, and Wellness

Hello, We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive recap of our recent panel discussion hosted by Kat, the founder of Yogi Bear. The event took place at the Spoke & Stringer in Bristol, marking the beginning of our road trip adventures outside the familiar London Barecave. In this blog post, we'll delve into the insightful conversations our panelists shared, touching on profound topics such as finding purpose, living authentically, building resilience, and nurturing overall wellness.

The Panelists:

  1. Alecs Donovan - Founder of YBL: Alecs, a former rugby player for Wales, shared her journey of transitioning from sports to becoming a yoga advocate. Her unique approach, known as Yoga Realty, blends yoga and mobility work. Alex emphasized the importance of adapting to change and encouraged individuals to live their best lives in their own way.

  2. Pip Roberts - Founder of Now Studio: Pip, who runs a studio in Easton Bristol, shared her unexpected journey into yoga, shifting from pharmaceutical sales to building a community-based studio. She highlighted the significance of community and the joy derived from the small, daily practices that contribute to one's happiness.

  3. Jack Witts - Breathwork Instructor: Jack, a former nightclub event manager turned breathwork instructor, shared his transformative journey from a life immersed in music and nightlife to discovering the healing power of breathwork. Jack's focus on resilience and breathwork as a tool for overcoming challenges provided valuable insights for our community.

Topics Explored:

  1. Finding Your Why: The panelists unanimously agreed that finding one's purpose is a dynamic process that evolves over time. Alecs emphasized that your "why" doesn't have to be a lifelong commitment; it can change as you grow and adapt. Pip reminded us that sometimes simplicity is underrated, and finding joy in small, daily activities is equally meaningful.

  2. Dealing with Inner Criticism: Pip's humorous approach of naming her inner critic, Barbara, resonated with the audience. The panelists shared personal strategies for dealing with self-doubt and the importance of recognizing that the inner critic doesn't define us. Jack's experience of running marathons and pushing boundaries highlighted the significance of proving to oneself that they can overcome challenges.

  3. Resilience and Wellness Practices: The discussion on resilience led to insights on the competitive nature of the wellness world. Pip emphasized that wellness practices should be personal and not a competition. Jack shared his journey from running away from emotions to embracing them through yoga and breathwork. The importance of expanding one's capacity to face challenges was a common theme.

The recorded podcast, now available on "Come as You Are," captures the essence of the panel discussion, offering a deep dive into the conversation about purpose, authenticity, confidence, and navigating life with mindfulness.

The evening wrapped up with delightful refreshments and canapés courtesy of Restore, creating a perfect blend of nourishment for both the mind and body. Yogi Bare's journey outside London, coupled with the warm reception in Bristol, marks a significant chapter in the brand's expansion and community-building efforts.


The Yogi Bear panel discussion in Bristol was a profound exploration of purpose, resilience, and wellness. Our panelists' diverse backgrounds and experiences showcased that the path to well-being is unique for each individual. As we continue our road trip adventures, we're inspired by the wisdom shared during this event and look forward to uncovering more insights with our incredible community.

Thank you for being a part of Yogi Bear's journey, and remember, whether you're finding your why or building resilience, the path is uniquely yours, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Stay tuned for more adventures and conversations on our community wellbeing podcast!

Listen to the conversation here 

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