Self Love Sound Bath LIVE: Q&A with Nicole Windle Yoga

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue. - Plato

As part of Yogi Bare’s Year of the Self Self Love February, we are lucky to have the wonderful Nicole Windle Yoga offer you the most beautiful healing gift - a live sound bath this Sunday on our Instagram

Drop into the sound of pure relaxation and experience the healing power of sound meditation. Sound meditation helps to relax the mind and the body, re-establishing a harmonious flow of energy. Listening to the deep and resonant tones and vibrations of the Tibetan Singing bowls and other instruments will help you relax and fall into a lovely slumber. You may feel like you're drifting in and out of sleep as you relax into a meditative state... what a dream! Hope to see you there, Yogi Bears. 

When: Sunday 21st February 2021, 7.30pm

Where: Instagram LIVE @yogi.bare 

To celebrate and understand the healing benefits of sound meditation, we've caught up with Nicole to find out more.  

So, what actually is a sound bath?

A sound bath is an immersion of sounds and vibrations that are healing for your body, mind, and spirit. The experience can take you on a journey of deep relaxation and a profound sense of peace. All you have to do is lie down and allow the healing sounds and vibrations to wash over you. The bowls are tuned to different pitches and frequencies and relate to the 7 chakras. I have a few other instruments such as a Hapi drum, rainstick, and wind chimes that help to bring a full immersion of sounds.

What Can You Expect from A Sound Bath?

Everyone's experience of a sound bath meditation is different. Each one you attend may be different for you too. Just allow yourself to be open to receive and playfully follow the sounds, the total randomness of the sounds, and be curious but not attached to any sound in particular. 

Sound has a deep effect on our nervous system, helping to turn on our parasympathetic nervous system, our relaxation response. Many of us spend too much time with an active sympathetic nervous system, our fight or flight response, so when we turn on our relaxation response we give our bodies a chance to relax and heal. Through the various tones of the bowls, the body is offered an opportunity to resonate with a healing frequency. You are in essence allowing your body, mind, and energy to shift to a higher frequency and let go of lower vibrational thoughts, emotions, and other issues.

What are the Benefits of Sound Meditation? 

  • A deep relaxation

  • Promotes a deeper sleep

  • Boosts your mood

  • Balances both hemispheres of the brain

  • Removes blockages and toxins in the body

  • Helps to relieve depression

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Increases focus and clarity

  • Elevates feelings of spiritual well-being

How Do You Prepare for a Session?

Try not to eat a heavy meal before a sound bath as it can affect your relaxation. Wear comfy clothes, socks and get some blankets and cushions. You want to be as warm and as comfortable as possible, as being still and laying down on the floor lowers your body temperature. You can place a cushion under your head, if you have any lower back issues you can place cushions under the knees or if you have a yoga bolster you can use that, this helps to keep your lower back on the back and reduces strain. Switch off the lights, light some candles/incense - make your space inviting and relaxing.

Is There Anything Else You'd Like to Share?

Allow yourself to experience what is, letting whatever comes up to come up, and if that is nothing, then just enjoy relaxing and being present. Take it easy after a sound bath and drink water. It can be nice to have a shower or a bath after a session to help cleanse and feel renewed.

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