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Our Top 5 Favourite Sustainable Wellness Brands

Here at Yogi Bare HQ, we’re very concerned about the state of our planet. Climate change, habitat destruction, polluted oceans, and skies, melting ice caps, landfill, food waste and animals at risk of extinction. Damage on an untold scale caused by the human race. Whilst we now have a greater awareness, time is rapidly running out. So much so, that the UN has warned that we need to make significant changes within the next 10 years otherwise it may be too late. So what can we do to save our planet?

Without doubt, we need to pay more respect to the world we inhabit. All of us have a role to play and that includes industry and individual businesses. Producing eco-friendly and sustainable products has to be the only way forward. These are such important values to the team at Yogi Bare, that they impact on every aspect of our business. From product, to packaging to freight, every step of creating our products is carefully considered, waste minimised, and sustainable, recyclable materials used and reused wherever possible. 

Something else we love to do is champion other businesses that are creating sustainable products too. We really believe that industries need to come together to make change happen. When we all work towards one mission, anything is possible.  


Our Top 5 Favourite Sustainable Wellness Brands


WILD: Deodorant Re-Fill

This is a brand that wants to ‘shake up our throwaway culture in the bathroom’. They’re on a mission to get us re-using deodorants and it’s not as weird as it sounds!

Wild use ingredients derived from nature rather than components like Aluminium Sulphates which actually stop your pores from sweating. The sturdy deodorant case is designed to be ‘made for life’ and once your deodorant stick is finished, you can simply replace it with a refill.  Just in case you ever want to get rid of the case, it’s been specifically made from Aluminium because it’s a material that can be recycled infinite times. 

Wild have also chosen to offset their carbon footprint by working with On a Mission to plant trees. When you purchase a deodorant, some of the money goes towards planting trees all over the world.


Stay Wild: Swimwear

Stay Wild are committed to fighting the problem of plastic pollution by contributing to its solution. As far as they’re concerned every small detail matters, even their thread is made from rPET, a material crafted from recycled bottles.

This is an innovative swimwear company that combines classic, stylish designs with sustainable materials. Econyl® is made from unwanted waste including fishing nets pulled from the ocean and fabric scraps leftover from industry. Using advanced technology, the nylon is brought back to its original purity and then reused to make new products. Along with its biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging, this is swimwear with a conscience!



Our favourite mindful aromatherapy brand has made sure that all of their packaging can be repurposed, recycled, or reused. Beautifully designed, their stylish candle jars can be repurposed and brought back to life in all sorts of ways including jewellery holders, ornaments and even desk tidies. 100% recycled plastic bottles are used for their hair and body care range, saving more plastic from landfill. The candle jars are made from glass meaning they too can be recycled if you don’t wish to repurpose them.

When it comes to detail, this brand is spot on. They’re so dedicated to repurposing waste that they even use offcuts of tea bag production to cushion their products whilst in transit. Not only that, but this forward- thinking brand is now disrupting the market with their clever aromatherapy balm refills and therapy candle refills, again prolonging product lifespan, and reducing the need for more packaging. 


Supernova: Protein

These pioneers of wellness powder are creating a buzz in all the right places. Vogue, Grazia, Women’s Health. You name it, they’re in it! These incredible vegan protein powders are made from organic plant proteins and adaptogens to replenish the body and mind.

How is organic farming better for the planet? It’s because organic products are more energy efficient than traditional farming methods and produce less emissions. Ultimately, it means that the carbon footprint for organic farming is lower compared to intensive farming. Another benefit is that there is less risk of pollution to soil and our waterways too.

It’s believed that nature-friendly farming along with other key changes to our food systems could have a positive impact on global warming. So these organic powders not only are great for our health but also that of the planet too!



Designer Isabel Aagaard was frustrated with the single use culture, so she decided to do something about it. Her mission was to create reusable sustainable alternatives. LastObject only launched its first product in 2019 but already it has LastSwab (alternative to cotton buds), LastRound (alternative to make-up pads) and LastTissue (alternative to paper tissues). 

This is an elegantly designed range of personal care products that will enhance the look of any bathroom. These don’t just look beautiful though. They are cleverly designed solutions to wasteful habits. Did you know, for example, that the average person can go through hundreds of paper or cotton buds a year? During their manufacture, raw materials are used, and harmful CO2 is created, then after use, they’re discarded and end up in landfill. 

LastObject’s products are end-to-end sustainable and exceptionally high quality, providing consumers that are keen to do their bit for the environment with a viable alternative to single use products. If we all shared Isabel’s vision, just imagine the impact that would have on reducing global waste.

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