Our Newest Mat: Flow

Our Newest Mat: Flow

With the start of the new year, it’s time to upgrade your yoga mat. It’s a perfect time to get rid of bad habits, work on your new year’s resolutions and make your life a bit better. Yoga is a great way to help you with this. Incorporating yoga into your life will bring your life more peace and a healthy mind. Whether you are a beginner at yoga or have been practicing yoga for many years, our newest yoga mat will make your yoga flow feel ten times better. On this beautiful day in January, we’re proudly introducing you to our newest mat: Flow.

New Paws yoga mat Wave

Our new yoga mat is part of our Paws collection and is called the Paws Yoga Mat Wave. The new flow mat has a 100% natural and sustainable rubber base. Sustainability is of paramount importance to Yogi Bare which is why all products are completely natural and sustainable. The rubber base of the new Paws yoga mat is anti-slip which is extremely important while practicing yoga. Have you seen the design of the flow mat already? The yoga mat has a beautiful wave design that makes it feel like you’re floating on the ocean. This will guarantee you to have a calming and relaxing yoga practice. The new flow mat features the same size as the other mats in the Paws collection: 180cm x 66cm x 4mm thick. The perfect size for a yoga mat, if you ask us! 

What benefits does the flow mat have?

Yoga means the world to us. That’s why we’re always trying to create the best products that will have a positive impact on your yoga practice. The new flow mat is carefully designed to give you the best experience possible. Our Paws yoga mat Wave has a lot of benefits, including:


Stability and balance are extremely important during a yoga flow, which is why our new flow mat is designed with an anti-slip function. The yoga mat provides extra grip which will help you with your complex yoga poses. 

Eco-friendly material

In the past years, we’ve seen how important it is to take care of our planet. After all, we only get one shot to do it right. That’s why we have designed the Paws yoga mat with eco-friendly materials only. The PU material used in the newest yoga mat is 6P-free and latex-free. PU is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic material that is used to prevent allergies or itching and is also moistureproof and resistant to odors. 

Wave design

How can the wave design on the newest flow mat not be a benefit? The beautiful and realistic waves portrayed on the yoga mat make it both practical and stylish. The waves help to calm your mind and create a safe space for you to practice your yoga flow.

Easy to clean

Cleaning is, most likely, not something you particularly enjoy doing. Thankfully, cleaning the flow mat is extremely easy. You simply use a wet cloth to gently wipe down the mat. After letting it dry, you can roll it up again. This will help to keep your yoga mat in good condition, which will increase its lifespan. 

Donation to the Wave project 

For every Paws yoga mat Wave that is sold, a donation will be made to the Wave project. Not only will you benefit from a sustainable, stylish yoga mat, but you will also make a great contribution to a meaningful cause.

Improve your mental health

Each mat comes with RIDE a Yogi Bare mental health toolkit download inclusive of meditation audio, yoga tips and interviews and advice from MH and celebrity advocates.

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