Our Collaboration With Scentered and CoppaFeel!

Although we’ve all come into contact with someone that’s suffered from breast cancer, we still don’t quite believe that it could happen to us. Our internal dialogue goes something like this. It happens to other people. I’ll worry about it when I’m older. No-one in my family’s had it so why worry? There are so many misconceptions around breast cancer but the truth is that it can target anyone of any age or gender, and in most cases, without a family history.

Who Are CoppaFeel!?

It was during her early twenties and whilst living in China, that Kristen found a lump. Unaware that you could get breast cancer so young, she eventually visited a doctor. It was only after the third visit to the doctor in fact, that she received the shocking news that she had secondary breast cancer and, that it was incurable. 

Kristen soon realised that there was a huge gap in information and support for a person of her age. Traditionally, it had all been geared to the over 50s age-group. CoppaFeel! was born out of this awareness and Kristen’s passionate desire to educate others that breast cancer can happen to anyone, male or female, at any age. It’s also crystal clear that early diagnosis is key, making self-awareness and self-checking crucial for a best possible prognosis.

Today CoppaFeel! continue to promote the message about regular self-checking to young people, targeting them in their natural environments including the university campus, festivals and of course via social media. 

They’ve also come up with some pretty ingenious ways to remind us to ‘boob-check’, as it’s known at CoppaFeel! From a monthly text reminder service to their boob check reminder shower sticker, there’s no excuse for forgetting. And it doesn’t matter what age you are, the critical message about boob-checking matters to everyone. It’s time to cop a feel!

CoppaFeel!, Scentered and Yogi Bare Collaboration

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Scentered to support CoppaFeel! with their mission to change people’s habits and get everyone self-checking regularly. 

Yoga has a huge beneficial effect on people’s health and wellbeing and at Yogi Bare, we’re on our own mission to make yoga more accessible to everyone. That way as many people as possible can feel the benefits. 

Scentered, too, are transforming the way people navigate and transition throughout their daily journey with their powerful aromatherapy balms, promoting mindful transitions and on the spot management of stress and anxiety. 

CoppaFeel! have done incredible work opening up the conversation around self-awareness and boob-checks and have made a difference to countless lives. Providing people with the tools so that they can lead a healthy life is at the heart of all three brands in this impressive collaboration.

“How Do You Feel?” A Unique Yoga and Meditation Class

In partnership with CoppaFeel! and ScenteredYogi Bare are delighted to present a very special yoga and, mediation class with our favourite yoga instructor and student duo, The Moon Sisters on Tuesday 11th May at 6pm. Inspired by tuning in to our true nature and using movement to connect with our feelings, this will be the perfect class for creating a greater awareness around the body and mind. When we quieten the world and allow ourselves to connect with how we truly feel, we begin to cultivate self-love and an inner confidence that makes us unstoppable, that makes us women. 

Yoga is, of course, ideally positioned for developing greater self-awareness about our bodies. So, with this in mind and in collaboration with CoppaFeel!, we’ll be guiding you on how to boob-check in a safe and comfortable mind-space as part of this unique yoga session. We hope that you’ll leave feeling inspired and fully confident to carry out monthly boob-checks in future. 

It’s so vital to foster a grateful connection to our inner and outer self throughout our daily lives. Sadly, we often forget or simply don’t prioritise it. Yogi Bare founder and long-time yogi, Kat will help you do this by guiding you through a powerful self-love meditation. You’ll end the class feeling empowered with a huge does of much-needed self-love. 

Get your boob squad together for our lovely slow flow, purchase your #boobsquad bundle or sports bra here for the class. We also suggest that everyone attending the yoga class treats themselves to a mini love balm which will be incorporated into the class. 


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How Do I Sign Up for the ‘How Do You Feel’ Class?

That’s easy enough. You can sign in via our zoom link below or join us via Instagram. By registering with your email address, you’ll receive a fantastic virtual booklet containing the following:

  • Welcome to the 'Show your boobs some Love' campaign!
  • Everything CoppaFeel!
  • Home breathing and meditation exercise
  • CoppaFeel! boob-check text reminder
  • CoppaFeel! boob-check sticker


Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 816 2201 5755

Passcode: 917280


Join Yogi Bare's Instagram live at 6pm

Come and join us for what will be a truly extraordinary yoga and meditation class. Show your body and boobs some love. And share the knowledge about boob-checking with friends, family and loved ones. You never know when they might need it.

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