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Mix Up Your At Home Workout With Bodyweight Training

Double up your yoga mat as your training ground for an amazing bodyweight routine at home!

What is bodyweight training?

Bodyweight exercises are where you use your own bodyweight to provide resistance against gravity, which increases your muscle strength. Training your muscles in this way can have loads of benefits and can be done at home with no more than a sturdy, non-slip surface that’s also comfortable to practice on. We recommend our PAWS X Mat, which is longer and wider than your average yoga mat, and has enhanced grip technology and is sweat resistant.

No gym required for bodyweight training 

There’s no need to leave your living room for bodyweight training, using only a mat to stabilise yourself and your own strength, enjoy your best home-workout yet. 
Bodyweight training maximises your strength and helps you build muscle all over your body by using multiple muscle groups for each exercise. This helps you get the most out of your work out, efficient and fun! The key with bodyweight training is to focus on how strong your body feels, rather than how strong you look - anyone can lift weights, but if you’re overworking yourself, you will do more damage than anything.  
With bodyweight training you are your own limits, because you are never lifting more than your own bodyweight. This is how you can get the most out of your build. Increase your mass and increase your bodyweight training. 

Bodyweight training can protect joints from injury 

To have your body strong as a whole you need to strengthen your joints, tendons and muscles together. Training with your own bodyweight works all these parts of your body in unison so you become stronger and stays strong with each part supporting the other. This helps protect from future injury to your joints by laying stronger foundations where your muscles, tendons and joints connect.
One of the reasons that so many bodybuilders end up with joint issues in their shoulders, wrists, knees, or neck is that the joints of the body are simply not designed to deal with heavy loads of weight training. 

Bodyweight training can regulate healthy a body fat mass

Bodybuilders are great endurance athletes, but their bodies are not lean. That’s because when you’re consistently training your body with intense weights, the natural result is hunger but you won’t always necessarily burn more calories than you eat. 
When bodyweight training, excess weight can hinder performance, so your body’s natural reaction is to lose the fat to make bodyweight training easier. As well as this the intensity level isn’t as high, which won’t increase your appetite, leveling off your food intake at a natural amount, that's right for your body.

Start bodyweight training today 

So grab a mat to stablise your body and start with some press ups, sit ups and squats. Use your own body strength in your next home work out and see the results for yourself. You’ll not only become stronger, leaner, and more muscular from bodyweight training, you’ll also feel healthier and have strength in your joints too. 

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