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Metro Feature: Can Acupressure Help Anxiety?

Many of us are experiencing mental strains during the Coronavirus outbreak, due to stress, worry and built-up anxiety. 
Metro explores the benefits of acupressure in relation to a major study on anxiety in 2015. The study found that acupressure provides mental relaxation, deep sleep and meditative benefits. 
As well as this, we know that acupressure can act as physical rehab for pain relief, muscle repair and injury recovery. Metro then suggests trying our Yogi Bare Acupressure Mat to relieve anxiety symptoms. We are over the moon to be featured and that the benefits of acupressure are being shared, especially when we need it most. 
acupressure yoga mat
"The gentle pressure of the mat allows the body to relax and release endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller. When using the mat you’re meant to feel a sense of elation, happiness, energy and calm." 
With thanks to Metro.



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