How To Warm Down With Our Yoga Stretching Strap

How To Warm Down With Our Yoga Stretching Strap

Incorporating a yoga stretching strap into your routine and warm down can allow you to go deeper with your stretches and feel it deep within your muscles.

Yoga straps aren’t just for beginners, but they are great for making space within your practice and poses when you can’t quite get a good grip or deep enough stretch.

Yogi’s love to use stretching straps as they are an amazing tool to deepen your practice and improve your form. They allow you to work past your boundaries and set up the great groundwork for your asana. 


What Are The Benefits of Using a Yoga Strap?

Stretching straps are great and can help your practice regardless of the level you are at. They have tonnes of benefits for your body and your practice.

They are amazing for making sure you are in the correct posture and alignment with the pose and your body. This is essential when practising yoga, as it is easy to go too deep within a pose and forget about your alignment.

Using a stretching strap, allows you to practice your poses with correct alignment without the risk of hurting yourself. It is all about listening to your body and doing what feels right but also feels good. Some tension is okay, but you don’t want to push yourself and end up with an injury.

The amazing part of using a stretching strap for yoga is it overall can deepen your practice whilst keeping your body in alignment. This is because the better your alignment the better your stretches will be and therefore will feel deeper, providing the ultimate stretch and relief.

How To Warm Down With a Yoga Stretching Strap

Yoga stretching straps are great for post-workout recovery because you can do stretches with support, allowing you to go deeper than you normally would be able to. Allowing your muscles to stretch and be soothed after a long practice. Here are some great poses to try after a yoga session or just if you are feeling like your body needs a good stretch!


Releasing Tension In Your Shoulders

Your shoulders can build up a lot of tension throughout the day and within a yoga session. So to warm down you can use the yoga stretching strap to do ‘Shoulder strap circles.’

You can either sit or stand up straight. Stretch your arms in front of you and hold a yoga strap in your hands. Your arms should be spread more than shoulder-width apart.

Hold your arms in front of you for a few seconds and take them above your head and hold them again. 

Then, take them towards the back as far as you can. If you start feeling discomfort, slowly bring them back on top of the head or adjust the space between your arms.

By using a yoga strap, you will be able to keep your hands straight & stable and adjust the space between the arms.


Do You Get Stiff Hamstrings?

Tight hamstrings can cause you to feel stiff and achy, especially if you have had a tough yoga session. To deepen your seated forward bend with a yoga strap. This will feel amazing after your practice, you will feel the deepened stretch in your hamstrings.

Sit on your yoga mat and bring your feet towards you to place the loop of the strap at the balls of the feet.

With a straight back, start straightening your legs to the front and keep flexing your feet. When you have completely straightened your legs, stay in this position to find a comfortable hold.

Gently bend forward but just go as far as you feel a comfortable stretch in the hamstrings.

Try to stay in this pose for a few breaths or as long as you can.


Stretching Your Hips

Poses where you open your hips or stretch them are a great way to release any tightness. And with the addition of a yoga strap, you can increase your flexibility in holding the stretch for longer.

Stretch your hips with tree pose. Using a yoga strap will help you maintain your balance and support, whilst being able to adjust your leg position.

Simply stand with legs hip-width apart and create a loop on one end of the strap and place your foot in it. Adjust the loop so that it wraps tightly around the middle of your foot. Hold the rest of the strap with your same side hand.

Then put your weight on the opposite leg and slowly pull up the strap to lift your leg towards your chest. 

Then turn the sole of your foot inwards and place it on your inner thigh. If you are new to the pose, you can place your left foot on your lower knee.


Incorporating our Yoga straps into your practice and warm downs will help to decrease any stress from your muscles and give you an amazing deep stretch, relaxing and soothing your tired muscles.


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