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How To Use Yoga Wheels To Increase Your Flexibility

Everybody wants to be a little more flexible! There are so many benefits that come with being able to stretch that little bit further and here at Yogi Bare, we have all the top tricks and tips to help you get there! In this article, we will be specifically looking at how you can become more flexible with a yoga wheel, what the benefits are of incorporating one into your regular workout routine and if using one as a beginner yogi is wise.

How To Become More Flexible?

There are many benefits of becoming more flexible. For example, it can improve your overall performance in other physical activities, it can decrease your chances of getting seriously injured, even speeding up your overall recovery time and it can also help your joints move through their range of motion - who wouldn’t want that? Not to mention, it can help you out with all of the best party tricks such as doing the splits

To get started on your journey to become more flexible, our team of yogi professionals would recommend aiming to get three days a week of training in, starting with a simple 10 to 15 minute session first. Mixing in a combination of breath worth, some static stretching and of course, some full motion dynamic stretching to get yourself in the zone. Whilst doing this variety of stretching, we would suggest holding them for 15 to 30 seconds each time, then relaxing in between movements. Really listen to your body whilst doing this. If this is too much and you can feel your body push back, try to slow down a little, holding these stretches for half the amount of time.  

What Are Some Benefits That Come With Using a Yoga Wheel?

When talking about flexibility, especially in the yoga setting, we of course have to talk about our yoga wheels. For all of our novice yogis who may not have come across a yoga wheel, it’s simply a hollow, circular shaped prop which is specifically designed for helping you whilst stretching, releasing tension and improving flexibility.

One of the main benefits of using this piece of yoga equipment is that it can improve your overall flexibility. By incorporating a yoga wheel into your daily routine, it will give you the overall confidence boost you need to be able to stretch even further than you normally would. It offers you that extra support and makes those slightly tricker stretches all the more simpler to master. 

But there are plenty of other benefits as well. For instance, it can help you soothe all those aches and pains you may be feeling. We understand when your back is hurting or you are just generally in some form of pain, the very last thing you want to think about is getting on your yoga mat, but what if we told you that it could help you shift all of those aches away? Using your yoga wheel can help ease these ailments and even works wonders on your spine, giving you a full back massage in the process.  

Can You Use A Yoga Wheel As a Beginner? 

Yoga is a great form of exercise, whether you are just getting started or have been doing it for years. There are poses and routines for all, but what about the equipment? During your first few sessions, implementing a yoga wheel may seem extremely scary - but we are here to tell you that you’ve got this! 

A yoga wheel can of course be used for beginners. We recommend taking it easy the first few times you use one, to prevent any injury or mis-stretching, but a yoga wheel is perfect for some of the early stretches and can be really useful if you are looking to activate your back and shoulder muscles. 

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