How to Use Our New Personalised Yoga Mat Carry Strap

How to Use Our New Personalised Yoga Mat Carry Strap

Introducing our new personalised yoga mat carry straps. If you're a regular yoga mat user, you will know how annoying it can be to store your mat at home for your lockdown workouts or carry your mat to the gym - especially when you're in a rush out the door, being able to throw your mat over your shoulder is a lot easier. Our new Yogi Bare mat carry straps will make this process a whole lot easier for you, and you won't have to worry about dropping your yoga mat like you most likely did before on the way to your gym classRead on how to use our new personalised yoga mat carry straps and why they are useful. 

Yogi Bare Yoga Mat Carry Straps

Our Yogi Bare Yoga Mat Carry Straps are made from vegan leather and nylon webbing, making them long-lasting, sustainable and environmentally-friendly. They are the perfect match for your Yogi Bare Mat and can be fully adjusted to the most comfortable way you would like to wear the straps.

How To Use Our Yoga Mat Carry Straps

Two straps come in the package, one that holds the yoga mat itself, and one that is then clipped onto the first strap, so that you can put this second strap on your shoulder. The first strap also has an additional handle if you did not want to use the second strap to carry your yoga mat. Following your workout, the leather material and removable straps make it super easy to wipe clean.

Personalise It

If there's one thing we like more than yoga, it's personalised yoga accessories! One of the most exciting feature is that our yoga mat carry straps can be personalised to have your name on it. There's no getting mixed up at the gym (or even at home), also makes it even easier to show off your new stylish strap. If you are buying this for someone as a gift, a personalised yoga mat carry strap adds a thoughtful, unique touch. 

5 Reasons To Use a Yoga Mat Carry Strap 

Why should you invest in a durable strap for your yoga mat? From making it easier to store your mat, and the perfect sustainable present for your yoga-loving friend, here are five other reasons for investing in our Yogi Bare Hug Yoga Mat Carry Straps.

1. Storing your Yoga Mat Becomes Easier

The yoga mat carry strap does not have to be only used to carry your mat from one destination to another. You can also now hang your yoga mat on a hook in your room or home for an easy storage option for it.

Reaching for your mat for your daily home workout will be a breeze. It will likely save you some floor space, and make your space tidier too as you can simply use the base as a neat mat holder (Marie Kondo approves).

2. Stylish and Fashionable

Our Yogi Bare Hug straps come in two colours at the moment; black and forest green, and when combined with the personalised touch, the straps are a a stylish accessory you should buy to enhance the look of your mat.

3. Less Awkward

We've already established that it is easier to carry your yoga mat when you have our straps to help you. It also makes it less awkward to carry the mat and the fact that it means that your mat is no longer digging into you as you attempt to carry it around. Our straps also have the best grip, so they will not slip off your shoulder as you use it. 

4. Environmentally-friendly

Made from vegan leather, the carry streps are environmentally -friendly and sustainable, just like all our Yogi Bare products. 

5. Fully-adjustable

Our carry straps are fully adjustable. This also means that the straps can be used with any sized yoga mat, regardless of width or length.

Get Your Paws On A Yoga Mat Carry Strap 

This is the only yoga mat carrier to take you from Y to B. Buy it here

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