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How is the Yogi Bare Flow Mat Different

It’s always our mission to create thoughtful, cleverly designed, high-quality and eco-conscious products. That’s why we’ve taken our time over the innovative, extreme grip Yogi Bare Flow Mat. We think you’ll agree it looks fantastic. But what else makes it this year’s stand-out yoga mat?

Yogi Bare Flow Mat

Difference 1: It has a photographic image

The first thing you notice about this mat is that it’s imprinted with a photographic image of the ocean. A stark contrast to the fact that most yoga mats are differentiated purely through colour or a basic pattern. We were determined to push the boundaries and create something completely different, something that would not only serve users practically, but that would inspire them too. Imprinting a high-quality photograph was no easy feat though. It took nearly two years of testing to create this stunning photographic print on the eco-conscious high-performance rubber used for the mat. 

Difference 2: The design is inspirational

The ocean means many things to many people. It gives us a sense of perspective when we need it. Sea air also makes us feel cleansed, refreshed and healed. These are all things that Yoga can help us achieve as well. And water flows infinitely. Yoga flows too. So, it was a no-brainer to use the ocean when we were considering the design of this mat. There were simply too many parallels to ignore. We wanted it to be thought-provoking, inspirational and aligned with yoga ideals. We’re so proud that the design embodies all of these elements.

Difference 3: Its longer and wider

This is longer and wider than your average yoga mat. Dimensions are 180cm x 66cm. The extra length and width provides the user with extra space to move around, ensuring that supreme grip, no matter what pose or salutation they might be doing.

Difference 4: Extreme Grip

This mat has a smooth but anti-slip top, providing superb grip and a 4mm thickness. It supports the impact on ankles, wrists and knees. By using a Yogi-Bare Flow mat, expect:

  • No slipping or sliding
  • Greater confidence in pose
  • More willingness to try new poses
  • Joint support
  • Improved flow
  • Improved balance
  • Stronger poses
  • Increased focus on pose and breathing
  • Less likelihood of injury

Difference 5: Its materials are eco-friendly and sustainable

When it comes to being eco-conscious, we’re committed to the cause. It’s such an important value and impacts on every part of our business. In fact, all Yogi Bare products are manufactured in line with our mission of creating a range that’s eco-friendly and sustainable. From product, to packaging to freight, every step of the process is carefully considered, waste minimised, and sustainable, recyclable materials used and reused wherever possible. Our Yogi Bare Flow mat is made of a 100% natural and sustainable rubber base. 

Difference 6: You receive an exclusive Yogi Bare Magazine

Each Yogi Bare Flow Mat comes with a digital download of our exclusive Yogi Bare Magazine – Ride The Wave. It offers a full mental health toolkit, full of interviews, inspiration, poetry and practical tips from surfers, swimmers, illustrators and poets.

Yogi Bare and The Wave Project

It’s so important to us that our products enhance the wider world as much as possible. To this end, we’ve chosen to donate proceeds from each sale of this mat to The Wave Project. The national surf therapy charity works with young people, helping them to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s a fantastic cause, and after the year we’ve had where young people have largely missed out on education and social contact, support like this is very much needed. Starting life on a beach in Cornwall ten years ago, the charity has expanded and now works with children all across the UK.

As you can tell, we’re delighted to add the Yogi Bare Flow Mat to our range. Whichever type of yoga you practise and whatever your level, you can be confident that this mat will provide you with excellent grip and support. We hope that it’ll help you take your practise to another level too, its image representing strength, power, stability, perspective and flow. Upgrade your yoga practise now with the awe-inspiring Yogi Bare Flow Mat.

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