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How Do You Use A Yoga Towel?

Can you do yoga on a towel?

Yes, absolutely! You may find yourself wanting to use a yoga towel if you practise at a group studio setting where the mats are shared out and handed back in at the end of your yoga session. Although mats in this situation would be cleaned and disinfected, it’s nice to have a barrier of your own yoga towel between you and the mat, as it may be worn and have less grip from being used so often. If you practise hot yoga, it’s also a great tool for creating a non-slip and more sweat resistant playing ground for your yoga movements. 

How do I make sure I don't slip on a yoga towel?

Some yoga towels come with special features like grippy padding on the bottom to make sure you don’t slip and slide everywhere when you are practising yoga. This is great if you’re in a fast flow and don’t want to break this meditative state to smooth out lumps and bumps caused by constant movement on your yoga towel. 

What kind of towel do you use for yoga?

If you want to practise yoga on a towel, you need it to be specially designed. If you used a beach towel you wouldn’t get the same grip and support, as well as being too wide or too long for your yoga mat. The problem with using other types of towels for yoga is they are less absorbent, meaning hot yoga would be a bit of a mess! The best way to decide on a towel fit for yoga, is if they are made for the specific use of yoga only.

Can you use a yoga towel without a mat?

Yes, if you are in a situation where you don’t want to bring your full yoga mat it can be a great alternative! Or if you’re on an uneven surface like grass or sand (sunrise beach yoga after lockdown anyone?) a yoga towel can help you with grip, if you would usually be on the bare ground. However yoga towels work best when they are used in unison with a yoga mat - the extra grip and sweat resistance will limit distractions so you can fully embrace and immerse yourself in your yoga practise. A yoga towel can also be a great tool rolled up instead of a support block. You can lay beneath your head for comfort or to support your spine too.

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