Father's Day Wellness Gift Guide 2021

Father's Day Wellness Gift Guide 2021

It’s that time of the year to pamper and spoil your father with gifts to show him your love, gratitude or simply because it’s Father’s Day. The third Sunday in June is always a special moment to spend with your family, in particular your father. If you haven’t found your dad a perfect gift yet, we got your back! Lockdown has definitely taken its toll on all of us, so it’s okay for men to feel more rundown after the covid outbreak. The past year has increased our stress levels and made us feel less ourselves. We have created a wellness gift guide for fathers who could use a moment of ultimate relaxation for this Father’s Day 2021.

Yoga mat to help with meditation or yoga practice

If your dad is into yoga and meditation or if you think it would benefit both his mental and physical health, a yoga mat is the perfect Father’s Day gift. A yoga practice or meditation session can help to reduce stress levels and can benefit mental health. Your dad might be completely new to yoga and meditation but that’s completely fine. All he needs is a yoga mat to get started and some guidance on which poses he can do. Our beginner’s guide to yoga for men can be very helpful here!

Paws X yoga mat

The yoga mat we would highly recommend for your father is the Paws X yoga mat, as it’s a bit wider and longer than a normal yoga mat. This will give your father enough space to move around freely. The Paws X mat also has innovative grip technology where the natural rubber is perforated to give you intense grip when you need it most. This reduces the risk of slipping or falling during your father’s first yoga session, which might come in handy.

Sports watch to track activity

A true sportsman will love this gift, but this would also be a great gift for a beginner at yoga or an outdoor sports lover. A sports watch is very handy and fun to use to keep track of your activities. Whether it’s a FitBit or Apple Watch, that’s all up to you. The fun part about a sports watch is that you can see your progress as you’re working out. If your dad is new to yoga, a sports watch will be a great help to track his improvements. 

Acupressure mat to relieve stress

If the past few months have been particularly stressful for your dad, this might be the greatest gift of all: an acupressure mat. You might have heard of acupressure or acupuncture before and with this mat, it’s possible to experience its benefits from the comfort of your own home. An acupressure mat uses thin plastic spikes to target pressure points and nerves in your body, which helps to relieve stress and body discomfort. Acupressure has proven to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, migraines and neck and back issues. 

This Father’s Day, gift your dad an acupressure mat to help him to relieve stress and tension in his body. Trust us, he will be forever grateful for this thoughtful and effective gift!

Acupressure mat

Aromatherapy to help him relax

Finally, aromatherapy products make a great gift and are very thoughtful to help your father wind down after a busy year. Aromatherapy uses essential oils in different scents that target the limbic system of your brain. This part of your brain supports a variety of functions including emotion, behaviour and long-term memory. If your dad could use a bit of relaxation and de-stressing, we recommend gifting the DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Gift Set by Scentered. This gift set contains a balm and candle that will help your father to feel less stressed and more at peace. After all, a bit of me-time is the best present anyone could receive, right?

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