Why we are really a Care Bear & the importance of Eco.-Yogi Bare

Why we are really a Care Bear & the importance of Eco.

With the UK in a united front around the end of single use plastic, more and more people are becoming aware of the damaging effects which our waste is creating on Earth. Everyone’s favourite narrator brought this to light in his BBC TV show Blue Planet II. Aside from showing us the best images we’ve seen of some of the cutest animals like penguins and baby polar bears, the program highlighted the direct and very real impact which climate change is having on the habits of thousands of beautiful animals around the world.

Becoming aware of the impact we are having on our planet doesn’t mean we need to stop enjoying ourselves! It just means we need to be more careful of our choices and be aware of our actions. There are now loads of incredible options of products which have great functionality and are great for the environment, too. Eco yoga mats are one such example, so don’t worry! You can still practice yoga on the best quality mats with no guilt of contributing to the changing world.


Yoga is absolutely booming at the moment and was even one of the most searched terms on Google in 2016. It has a wide range of incredible benefits such as suppleness, zen and the potential to prolong your healthiness and happiness. With such bonuses, it doesn’t really make sense for the equipment used to damage the environment, does it? Just as yoga itself prolongs the life of the individual, eco yoga mats help to prolong the life and health of our planet – something which should be a major focus of all of us. There’s no point extending our own lives if there’s nowhere habitable to live after all! 

Eco yoga mats steer clear of the dreaded plastic materials, such as PVC or other plastics, which make up most other yoga mats and are usually made of natural rubber and jute. They may require a little bit more tender loving care than their plastic counterparts, but with the right attention they can last just as long, if not longer. After a long and happy life, when they do need to be replaced, they will decompose down when disposed of correctly. This ensures that the damage which they do to the planet is minimised.

Yogi Bare produces a range of different eco yoga mats which are specifically designed with both sustainability and incredible function in mind. The Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat, for example, is made of eco-friendly natural rubber with an eco PU rubber upper layer which is bonded by heat - meaning we avoid nasty glues and a laser engraved design keeps us away from toxic inks. This material combination is perfect for practicing yoga on and decomposes easily as they are biodegradable, reducing their impact on the environment. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and does not incorporate single-use plastic. It also has non slip technology and is 4mm thick, ensuring your mat never holds you back. You won’t be able to keep your paws off of it. Our accessible pricing on eco conscious Yoga equipment means we aren't just for plant, we are for people.




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