It was happening again.
I was already late and then it started up.
The feelings of dream, panic & anxiety.
It kinda feels like that moment you are leaning back on a chair & it starts to fall back too far & your stomach lurches, your heart beat is screaming, your body both freezes solid & seems to cease to exist at the same time.
You are leaning back on a falling chair except that feeling keeps going. & going. & going. 
I started writing out whatapp excuses and then rewriting several times.
And then it came. The reply.
The reply that changed everything.
Come. As. You. Are.
Because you see to everyone else my battles my mental health, don't and didn't define who I am.
My crippling anxiety, PTSD and dances with addiction are not what everyone else sees.
They are not me.
I am not them.
They are just weather on my sky.
And like the weather they are in constant flux.
This week for Mental Health Awareness, myself and team Yogi Bare invite you to Come As You Are.
Over the course of the week we will be sharing stories and tips from our friends, creatives, DJs, artists and Yogis of how to come as you are even on the days its really hard to.
Theres also an interactive instagram version of the Come as You Are campaign so you guys can be proud of showing up as you and inspire your world.
Make sure to follow our social media here
And we asked, you listened - we ALL listen - 
Introducing the lastest Paws Playlist
A collection of the one song you turn to to cheer you up when you are having a tough day - be careful its smile inducing and eclectic!

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