Build Your Home Yoga Studio For Summer 2021

Build Your Home Yoga Studio For Summer 2021

With people spending more time at home, it is important to create peace and tranquillity in the spaces that we spend most of our time in. It doesn't matter the amount of space that you have, balance can be achieved in even the smallest of homes. In 2021, your yoga session might look and feel a bit different than it used to be, yoga classes have reopened, but many are now comfortable practising in their own homes, away from the hustle and bustle.

It’s important to remember that the spaces we practice our yoga in complements our technique. You might have noticed when you attend your usual yoga class that the space you practice in is very minimalistic and full of natural light. This is what you want to achieve in your home yoga studio to get the most out of your personal or online yoga session. Read on to learn how Yogi Bare can help you achieve your own home yoga studio with ease.

Choosing The Right Space For Your Home Yoga Studio

Firstly, the space you choose to practice your yoga in is important to how much fulfilment you gain from a home yoga session. To have a clear mind, you need to remove any clutter that is surrounding your home yoga studio. Clutter prevents you from focusing on your breathing, therefore disrupting your inner chi. Unnecessary clutter in your home yoga studio causes stress, which might cloud your mind when focussing on your yoga technique. Another important factor to consider when creating your home yoga studio is where in your home are you going to locate your studio. If you are fortunate enough to have a green space, such as a garden this can be the ideal place to practice yoga. Being mindful of nature and having access to flowing air when you practice your yoga technique can be key to achieving spiritual fulfilment. A good idea is to convert an unused shed into a home yoga studio, which can be dedicated to your practice and where you can detach yourself from the everyday. Yogi Bare knows not everyone has access to a garden, so you need to ensure that your home yoga studio is situated somewhere in your home where you can use your yoga mat, but also quiet enough so you can meditate. 

Choosing The Right Light For Your Home Yoga Studio

Lighting is important to our zen when practising yoga, because it allows us to free ourselves from stress and to create a harmonious environment to practice our technique. Light allows us to achieve balance which can be severely affected by a sharp or blurry light. The best light you can have for your home yoga studio is natural light. The light from the sun is a great source of vitamins but also improves our overall happiness. It will allow your yoga session to be connected with nature and it will give you the energy to practice even more. However, we can’t all rely on natural sunlight to light our yoga home studio. So it's important that you choose soft hues and warm lights to replicate the healing properties of the sun. 

Choosing The Right Environment For Your Home Yoga Studio

Yogi Bare believes that if you are designing a home yoga studio, it's important to remember what you put in your studio can affect your workout. So instead of filling your studio with the latest technology, which will only distract you from achieving fulfilment from your yoga practice, it is important to surround yourself with only the essentials of yoga such as your mat and crystals. Floor space is key to being able to stay focussed and gives you the ability to move freely. If you decide to add to your yoga home studio, Yogi Bare suggests you surround yourself with house plants that will add oxygen to your room but also allow you to reconnect with the earth. This will help you to achieve a natural equilibrium, enhancing your yoga experience.

 If you need more help with creating your home yoga studio, why not check out our build your own home yoga studio kit.

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