unique styles of yoga

5 Unique Styles of Yoga

When we say yoga is for everybody and for every body, we really do mean it! For newbies looking to venture into the world of yoga, it can at first seem intimidating, but we are here to reassure you that it is inclusive, relaxed, fun and sometimes even a little bit wild (literally! Keep on reading for more about that.) This goes to show, there really is a style of yoga out there for everyone. 

Unique Styles of Yoga

All yoga originally stems from 6 original branches; Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga, but after thousands of years of it being practiced, it has beautifully evolved and expanded. Yogis are quite the creative bunch! Over the years new styles of yoga have popped up, and whilst we love embracing tradition, there are some quite exciting styles of yoga that we are itching to try.

Here are some weird and wonderful variations of yoga and possibly some of the most unique styles we have come across...

Goat Yoga

This is probably one of the more unique forms of yoga, but we thought we would start off with bang. Introducing… Goat Yoga. Think of it like a marriage between animal therapy and yoga, what could be better?

The essence of Gota Yoga, is carrying out your normal yoga class, but with goats pondering around. Watch out though, they may take a nibble of your yoga mat, lick your toes or even clamber on your back. It may not be the most zen, but it is certainly a change up to your normal routine. 

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Also known as SUP Yoga, Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga is the ultimate summer style you should have a crack at. Switch up your yoga mat for a paddle board and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean. Don’t be fooled though, having an unstable base means you’ll need to apply increased balance, concentration and focus. 

And if you get one of those wrong? Well you’ll know instantly as you’ll be soon taking a surprise dip in the ocean. 

Naked Yoga

Another way to be at one with nature is Naked Yoga, and it really is what it says on the packet. Whether you attend a Naked Yoga class, or you do it au natural in the privacy of your own home, the choice is yours. Ditching your yoga outfit for the day will mean you can embrace your body’s natural form and a dose of body positivity whilst you are working through your poses. 

Another benefit? If you perform Naked Yoga in front of a mirror you can pick up on any misalignments you might not have spotted before.


A play on the word ‘yoga’, ‘doga’ incorporates man’s best friend. With the upward and downward facing dog inspired by our furry friends, it’s the next logical step to get them involved in your at-home yoga routines. 

To get involved in Doga, gently persuade your dog to join you on your yoga mat and enjoy massage, stretching and meditation together. You’ll both end up feeling relaxed and calm, and it is definitely a bonding experience. 

Heavy Metal Yoga

Most of us associate yoga with soothing music, tranquil settings and fluid movements. Bucking the trend is Heavy Metal Yoga with power based Vinyasa Yoga accompanied by powerful music. 

Mimicking scenes you might find at a Heavy Metal concert you can expect stage dives to be interpreted as backbends, and shoulder mobilising movements to emulate air guitars. Even if Heavy Metal isn’t your go-to genre of music, this style will really help you let go and release your inner beast. 

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