5 of Our Favourite Guided Meditation Online Classes We Think You Should Try

5 of Our Favourite Guided Meditation Online Classes We Think You Should Try

Meditation is a great way to de-stress, unwind and find some calm when times can seem hectic. Is there anything  better than finding some time to yourself and enjoying some solace in relaxing the mind, body and soul?

Here at Yogi Bare, we know that sometimes we need a little help in achieving zen and that’s where the power of guided meditation comes in. Often packed full of guided movements and flow to help you along the way when taking some time to meditate. Guided meditation means you can enjoy the time to relax in a way that soothes and calms the mind. With an instructor through a video and audio makes getting your yoga fix easier than ever.  

Below are some of our favourite guided meditation online classes, we think you should try. If you’re looking for guided meditations for beginners, easy mediation or just some time for calming meditation classes, then we’ve got you covered.


5 Guided Meditation Online Classes

To start off, we’ve got a slightly longer mediation class for you, perfect for when you are looking to wind-down after a full day. The perfect opportunity to use the time to get into the yoga mood. Accompanied by the ultimate yoga accessory, the Yoga Wheel allows for maximum stretch and assistance in your daily flow. You might  have heard of a Yoga Wheel’s being great for improving your stretching but they offer much more than that. They can make sure you’re stretching safely therefore less likely to cause ingry, they also help improve flexibility, winding down and ease any aches or pains you might have. All the added benefits of using a Yoga Wheel makes for a brilliant present for any yogis in your life this Christmas season.   

A quicker class, which makes it perfect for beginner yogis, a relaxing session during your lunch break, or even a quick morning meditation. Yoga With Adriene is a renowned YouTube channel dedicated to helping you along the way with  your yoga journey. Ideal for people who are seeking a more simple guided meditation, or something a little more relaxed for those yogis who have been in the practice a while.

This is the perfect 15 minute meditation that you can slot into your day  when you have a free few minutes. Created by Boho Beautiful Yoga and her YouTube channel, is a fan favourite with just over 2 millions views. Guided Meditation allows the participant to build upon yoga practices to manage stress, gain new perspective and reduce negative emotions or energy that may be present. Great for reconnecting with you and your body it opens up endless avenues for imagination and creativity, making for the ideal break for when life seems to be getting on top of you. It’s no surprise that in the past year that yoga and meditation has become so much more prevalent in our daily routines. The practice of  enriching yourself with some me time is just what we need. With that in mind if you’re stuck on what to give the yoga fanatic in your life or are just looking to treat yourself this season why not explore our range of yoga mats to get your 2022 off to the best start.  

From Yoga with Kassandra is great for those just starting out and looking for something a little more low-key but are still  wishing to spend some time to fit meditation into their daily routine. Offering a calm guided meditation, Kassandra aids in materialising the flow and routine with some helpful tips on how to begin in the world of meditation and yoga.  


Here at Yogi Bare, we know that sometimes it’s hard to fit in time to complete a full meditation experience when life gets in the way. Which is why we love this non-visual 5 minute video that allows for fully guided meditation anytime anywhere, simply plug in your headphones or play aloud to enjoy the soothing nature of this quick and simple session. Good for all those times you’ve needed some time just for yourself or even to get the sociability aspect in with a lunch break meditation session for your co-workers and you.

Whatever you're in the mood for, why not try out some of these suggestions to get those meditation juices flowing and keep your mind at ease? Looking after ourselves is important, so take some time for yourself, take a breath and make sure to do things at your pace.


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