14 Ways To Dispose Of Your Yogi Bare Yoga Mat

14 Ways To Dispose Of Your Yogi Bare Yoga Mat

Parting ways with your yoga mat can be difficult, if the non-slip has faded and your mat is worn we can still sometimes feel attached, after all, our yoga mats bring us great joy and allow us to relax, workout and re-centre. 

However there does come a time when yoga mats need to be replaced, the time frame on this is very dependent on the frequency you use the mat, the surface you use it on and the style of yoga you partake in - on average yoga mats need to be replaced every 1 to 2 years.

At Yogi Bare we value sustainability and firmly believe in developing a circular economy. That’s why we have come up with our top 14 ideas to repurpose your Yogi Bare mats - after all they’re too precious for landfill!


Yoga Mat Repurposing

1 - A mouse mat

Nowadays we all use computers, laptops and tablets...but do you have a trendy mouse mat to match? Repurpose your yoga mat into a mouse mat, we can guarantee you’ll have enough material to make more than one so make a few and share them amongst friends and family.

2 - A garden kneeling pad

Cut your Yogi Bare mat into the perfectly sized kneeling pad for the garden. If you need a little extra comfort cut your mat into 4 equal rectangles and layer them together, for a thicker, more comfortable garden mat. Now everytime you plant new life in your garden you can do it knowing you are helping lead a sustainable lifestyle.

3 - A beach towel

There’s one major downside to beach towels, they seem to collect sand! Making it an uncomfortable experience for many. If you’re on a pebbled beach then a beach towel might not be enough support against the uneven surface. By lying your yoga mat underneath your beach towel you’ll get that all important extra support as well as less sand creeping onto your beach towel - it’s a win-win!

4 - Baseball bases

Cut your yoga mat into equal squares to create yourself bases for baseball or rounders games. This is a great one to get the children involved with, it looks like a family game of rounders is on the cards this Summer.

5 - Non slip furniture pads

Has your yoga mat become slippy? Maybe it’s time to repurpose it! Prevent furniture from scratching your flooring by placing small pieces of your Yogi Bare yoga mat directly underneath the legs. Your furniture can then be moved across your flooring without creating any damage. 

6 - Non slip bath mats

If your yoga mat still has it’s non-slip functionality but is becoming a little worn out then it would make a brilliant non-slip bath mat instead. For this one we’d recommend cutting your yoga mat in half, once cut to size, secure your mat to the bottom of your bath for non-slip showering.

7 - Pet bowl place mats

Yoga mats make great pet bowl place mats, simply cut your yoga mat to size, place your pets favourite bowls on top and watch your pets enjoy! Their dinner bowls will no longer be sliding across the floor.

8 - Coasters

Water marks from glasses and cups can be frustrating, protect your furniture with some homemade coasters. There will be plenty of yoga mat to create your coasters from, so gift some of your crafts to neighbours or a fellow yogi friend.

9 - Shelf liners

Prevent the contents of your cupboards from sliding by lining your shelves with your Yogi Bare yoga mat. The great thing about this one is that you can cut it to the perfect size to fit your cupboard.

10 - Shower mat

Earlier we suggested repurposing your mat as a bath mat inside your shower. This time, instead of placing it inside your shower or bath, place your mat outside, so you have a non-slip mat to step onto after showering. Yoga mats make surprisingly good shower mats as they don;t absorb so much water, unlike their traditional fabric alternative that can become soggy.

11 - Windscreen heat deflector

Getting into a hot car in the summer can be torture, so to prevent your car from getting so hot place your yoga mat across your dashboard - this will stop your steering wheel and drivers seat from getting so hot. Now you can travel in comfort this Summer with the help from your yoga mat.

If None Of These Ideas Are For You Try Donating Your Yoga Mat


If you like to live a minimalist lifestyle and repurposing isn’t your thing, perhaps you could donate your mat. It might not have much life left in it as a yoga mat but there are plenty of other purposes your mat could go on to fulfill. 

12 - Donate to a homeless shelter

Donating your Yogi Bare yoga mat to a homeless shelter will allow someone in need to have a more comfortable night's sleep. It may not seem like much, but that extra bit of padding can make a big difference, so go ahead, donate, donate, donate!

13 - Donate to an animal shelter

Your old yoga mat could be of great value to your local animal shelter. If your shelter is low on bedding then this could make a brilliant donation, sheltering animals from sleeping on the ground, giving them comfort and protecting them from the cold.

14 - Donate to a nursing home

If your yoga mat still has non-slip abilities then consider donating it to your local nursing home. They can make great bedside mats to prevent slipping when waking up and getting out of bed.


Which One Will You Choose?

There are plenty of ways to inject new life into your yoga mat, what life will your Yogi Bare mat live next? Let us know in the comments section below! Thank you from the Yogi Bare team for joining us on our sustainability journey and repurposing your Yogi Bare mat.

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