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What To Wear To Bikram Yoga?

If you're a yogi newbie you may be thinking "why do I need to wear something different for Bikram yoga as opposed to standard yoga" and if you are a yoga enthusiast who is already accustomed to Bikram yoga, well, you will know exactly what we are talking about! 

Don't be deceived by the term yoga – Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, is a whole new level, combining 26 set poses with 40-degree Celsius heat and 40 percent humidity, so you are going to sweat! But don't worry, we've got you covered with what to wear to make your Bikram yoga class just that little bit more comfortable. If you want to find out more check out our blog on “What is Bikram Yoga”

Is there a specific Bikram yoga outfit?

Although there is no specific dress code for hot yoga, we suggest you take our word for the unspoken rule of the less clothing the better! Minimal clothing for Bikram yoga is essential to get you through the 90-minute class. For women we recommend a sports bra is your best option – this is an ideal choice for two reasons. Not only will it help you stay as cool as possible (a must for hot yoga), wearing a sports bra will allow you to concentrate on your breathing as you can easily see your tummy's movements. Don't be shy or worried when it comes to your clothing choice, we understand minimal clothing isn’t for everyone, the most important thing is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in as we believe yoga is for everybody and every body. Long, thick leggings can also be uncomfortable for Bikram yoga, instead cropped leggings or shorts are ideal. Less really is more when it comes to Bikram yoga! 

Bikram yoga clothing no-no's!

Avoiding cotton clothing at all costs is vital if you want some degree of comfort for your hot yoga class. Due to cotton's highly absorbent properties, any cotton clothing will leave you feeling soggy and weighed down in your own sweat – definitely not ideal when carrying out yoga poses that test your flexibility and endurance.

As well as avoiding cotton, we suggest ditching your trainers too, as Bikram yoga is traditionally practised barefoot. In fact, trainers can make you sweat more (no thanks, this is already hot yoga!) and they can actually disrupt your balance and be a hindrance to your practise.

Still wondering what to wear (and bring) to Bikram yoga?

As this is going to be a sweaty affair, we would highly recommend you bring your own yoga mat (because let's be honest, no one likes the thought of using someone else's sweaty yoga mat!). Our Lightweight Teddy Yoga Mat is perfect for hot yoga, as it combines both your mat and towel in one, meaning you have to remember one less thing to bring to your class. Not only this, our Teddy mat offers you the ultimate hygiene as it is machine washable – ideal after a hot and sweaty class!

Teddy yoga mat

If you've got long hair and exercise regularly, you will be familiar with battling with your ponytail and going to extreme efforts to make sure it does not fall out! We would suggest wearing a soft hair band such as a scrunchie that won't be uncomfortable when lying down on your yoga mat and position your ponytail either high or low, so it doesn't press into your head on the mat. Regardless of hair length, you are still going to sweat, so another Bikram yoga must-have is a sweatband, or some means to keep your hair out of your face and stop the sweat from dripping into your eyes (ew!).

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