Find your Y & B with Stine Dulong, Skandihus-Yogi Bare

Find your Y & B with Stine Dulong, Skandihus

Once upon a Sacred Sunday we met the wonderful Stine Dulong, the imagination behind Skandihus London's very own secret ceramics sanctuary. In the luminous  studio in De Beauvoir you'll find the workshop behind Nigella Lawson, Ottolenghi and Tom Kerridge favourite Scandinavian minimalist ceramics and classes to  exploring meditation through your hands and clay. Time in Stine's feels like the aftermath of the forrest walks her and her Labrador Alfie are so fond of. While her ceramic creations exude an ethereal kind of peace that you can’t quite understand - until you meet Stine that is. The way she talks about life is like reading a love letter but that’s not to say she hasn’t had to walk through the fire & be brave to get there. In her own words: ‘Stine you only get one shot at life, don’t waste yours’. 

What would you say is your “why/Y”
I lived so many years with this empty feeling inside, always thinking “perhaps once x, y or z happens, it will get better” but it never did. In fact the more outward success I was having (in the traditional sense), the more empty I was feeling inside. One day I stopped, quit my job and decided to take a break for a year to do things that made me happy. Little did I know that this was the beginning on a massive inward healing journey that continuous to teach me to stay in the moment, appreciate the little things in life and generally live more gently and connected, both with myself, mature and people around me. 
When was the moment you realised you’d “B/Become” it?
I don’t know if I have become it but I remember the first time I touched clay in my evening pottery class, I felt like I had arrived home. Like I had landed where I was meant to be in life. I felt such a peace. Looking back, I think that when I started working with clay, I was staying in the moment for the first time in my life. I wasn’t striving for the next thing I was going to be successful at. Clay demands your attention and forces you to deal with it mindfully. 

I also remember having this pang moment when I was still working as a lawyer and a friend of mine said “Stine, you get one shot at life, don’t waste yours”. I now strive to only do things that set my heart on fire. 

How do you keep you “Y” fresh and inspired?
I meditate and walk in the forest a lot. A have a big group of friends who are fellow female entrepreneurs. They keep me on my toes and inspire me to do better every day. 

How have Yoga/Meditation helped in keeping you on track to be cool enough with yourself/focused to follow your Y.
I don’t think I’d be able to run my own company without going down with stress if it wasn’t for my yoga and meditation practices which both give me a space to reenergise, focus on myself and put things into perspective. I’ve also stopped drinking 1,5 years ago, which helps me stay grounded and connected. 

Best piece of advice or words that made you just go for it and follow your dream or keeps you inspired

The universe wants us to do good things and to put beauty into the world for other people to enjoy. When you stop trying to control everything and start following your heart, everything falls into place beautifully. Be brave. Step into the unknown. Trust.

Your own piece of advice on being brave/cool/comfortable in following your Y and Becoming it

Be courageous and step into the unknown. The worst thing that can happen is to fail because we didn’t even try. It’s much better to fail, knowing that we did our best. I fail all the time still but instead of lying down being a victim of my mistakes, I’ve learned to get back up and be grateful for the lessons learned as a result. Rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. 

What song/band/music makes you feel excited/brave/resonates with your Y
My “go to” album for inspiration/contemplation is “Harvest” by Neil Young. 

How do you feel about New Years resolutions
I’m allergic to them. We just set ourselves up for failure by striving for unrealistic versions of whom we are going to become. This kind of thinking stops us from living. What if the version of yourself that you are right is all you will ever be? If we learned to accept that, could we then allow ourselves to be happy? To be free? To be enough? 

Of course, we can all make positive changes in our lives but if you want to change something, make a plan and work towards those goals in a slow manageable way. Don’t overwhelm yourself on January 1st. 

Favourite Books/Podcast to keep you inspired
The most profound books I read last year were
“The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle” 
“Daring greatly” by Brené Brown and “Unexpected Joys of Being Sober” by Catherine Gray. 

What has finding your Y/Purpose brought to your life?
An inner calm (most of the time). 

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