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The Ultimate Recovery Bundle


Bundle includes Yogi Bare’s Acupressure Set + Yogi Bare RPET stretch strap.

Yogi Bare’s Acupressure Set works by applying pressure to various points of the body whereas acupuncture uses needles. Acupressure restores balance to the body’s energy flow (qi) by manipulating the body’s meridians. The term ‘Meridian’ refers to the set of pathways that flow through body, acting as a mode of transport for vital energy. This energy effects everything from mood to health and wellbeing.


  • Sleep + Insomnia
  • Anxiety + Stress
  • Energy + Circulation
  • Muscle Relief + Sports Recovery
  • Back + Chronic Pain
  • Migraine + Cranial Tension

Paired with an RPET stretch strap to help you stretch and recover after a day at your desk or any movement practice.

 RRP £62.90