Introducing Yogi Bare Lunar Paws, our love letter to the ocean.
Because without blue there will be no green.


Ocean inspired design meets positive action as proceeds from sales of Lunar Paws go towards helping marine conservation society, Sea Shepherd, in directly cleaning up our oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.
With unparalleled grip and support, this crafted biodegradable natural-rubber yoga mat is beautifully laser etched with a lunar design so you can guide your flow just as the moon guides the tides. From manufacturing to packaging, this mat is fully considered to support the environment around us.

With the moon as your guide

Lunar Paws is our love letter to the Ocean, the moon and all that we are.

Just as the moon moves through cycles and the ocean moves through waves, we created Lunar Paws to be there to support you; whatever your cycle, whatever your wave, however you move.

We believe that everything you need is already within you.

Etched into the mat are tiny mountains and hidden symbols waiting to be discovered through your practice.

Inhale. Exhale. Come back to me.

Our infamous grip, naturally

It wouldn't be Yogi Bare without it.

Crafted from sustainable rubber, the Yogi Bare Lunar Paws offers the optimal high performance yoga mat experience, no matter what waves life sends your way.

Bio-degradable & Sustainable

Yogi Bare paws mats are created from a sustainable natural rubber base and an eco PU rubber upper layer. Bonded by heat means we avoid nasty glues and a laser engraved design keeps us away from toxic inks.

Our mats are biodegradable should they enter landfill.

Our packaging is recyclable.

Accessible pricing on eco conscious Yoga equipment means we aren't just for plant, we are for people.

In partnership with Sea Shepherd

Proceeds from every Lunar Paws sold will go towards their mission.

If the ocean dies. We die. Its that simple.
14 million tonnes of plastic is choking the Ocean and the creatures that call the ocean home, annually.
This isn't a nightmare, it is the reality we are in.
But we still have a chance.
We are one person making a choice.
United, we are a nation making a change.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international non profit, marine wildlife conservation org. A true community of rebels, renegades and activists with a mission not just to change the world but heal and restore her through direct action. We have no time to waste.  


Materials: Natural Rubber and PU

Dimensions: 180cm x 66cm

Thickness (for Savasana!) : 4mm

Weight 2.5 Kg

Non slip technology

Sold out