Yogi Bare’s Sustainability Audit

Yogi Bare’s Sustainability Audit

Everything we learn. Every experiment. Every learning. Every desire and goal.

In March we showed you some truths about Yogi Bare and our sustainability journey. Through sharing our learning, research and knowledge we hope to be truly transparent with our community and allow you to see the stages of transition and progression throughout the entire process. This living document will evolve over time in our commitment to be open doors.

At the start of 2021, we created an internal sustainability audit to measure where we are, where we want to be and what we can do better. Year upon year the industry is changing, so we should too. We internally researched our materials, processes, products, transparency, packaging and logistics and we aim to better all aspects of the business in an ongoing journey.

Where we are in 2021

The discovery of RPET! We saw plastic bottles being turned into clothes and packaging and thought if they can do that, we can create the worlds first RPET yoga stretch strap (recycled polyethylene terephthalate = recycled plastic bottles). Production of RPET lowers carbon emissions by 24% compared to virgin plastics and prevents these plastics ending up in landfill. We aren’t claiming we have solved the plastic crises but we are giving plastic a second life whilst driving awareness and demand.

Our have changed all of our packaging to 100% plastic free. We use FSC cardboard which contains recycled content and always encourage our customers to recycle and reuse. We also reuse returned Magic Carpet Boxes when possible because not only cats get nine lives!

We proudly donate proceeds from our mats to some amazing charities including Hometree Ireland, Sea Shepard and The Wave Project. Recently, we have decided to donate profits from sales to Give India during this time of need. Our recent launch of Downward Duck yoga blocks were a charitable collaboration with Ocean Sole whose mission is to clean up the waterways of Kenya and turn old flip flops into works of art.

We create products with purpose that are made of natural, non-harmful or toxic materials. Our research and development made us realise we can do better. We are reassessing each product individually and developing a 12 month plan.

We have a transparent and close net supply chain to ensure all ethical, sustainable and social protocols are achieved for our product and workers. Yogi Bare employs team members in China to run all production and we work closely to ensure warehouse audits and workers rights are met. We use freight by water to reduce our carbon emission.

Where are we heading?

We aim to continue producing rad, innovative and beautiful yoga mats and equipment for you with true transparency into the how and why. We want our rebels to be using the best possible equipment with the least detrimental impact to the planet.

We are working towards an eco-acupressure mat that does not use foam or coconut coir as both can be detrimental to the planet. We found that coconut coir production takes months and is usually achieved from cheap labour through a process that is dusty and bad for workers health. The natural coconut fibres are cleaned with toxic chemicals and then glued together and toxic chemical buffering is required which takes 300-600 litres of water to wash one cubic metre of coir path. We understand the importance of research and patience and hope to find a better alternative.

We are devoting time to become a more circular economy by repurposing mats at the end of their life and giving them a new lease of life.

We understand that PU leather (the top of our yoga mats) contains hermoplastics. Whilst PU is not a damaging material, we know we can do better so we are finding a completely natural alternative.

Sustainability is at the top of every meeting agenda with the drive to do better for people and planet. We welcome any advice, conversations and learnings. We are reassessing some of our materials and have some exciting projects in the pipeline this year that we can’t WAIT to share! We will be using these sustainability diary posts to keep those of you interested informed and up to date.

Steal these ideas. I’m not daring you, I’m asking you because this is how change happens. Through openness and honesty.

May we grow together. May we flow together.

Love, Yogi Bare x

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