Introducing Our Recycle Mat Scheme

Introducing Our Recycle Mat Scheme

With more and more people getting in wellness, yoga is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst this is very exciting, we have to be constantly thinking about our carbon footprint and what we can do to improve the health of the planet. Yoga mats can be made from materials which are difficult to recycle and break down, meaning that they could be left on the earth for years to come. Once your mat has become worn out, how do you dispose of it? 

In this article, we will be talking you through our amazing recycle mat scheme, which means you will no longer have to worry about the impact your yoga mat could cause to the environment. 

How To Recycle a Yoga Mat?

Recycling yoga mats can be a tricky business. Typically, most yoga mats are made from PVC  which stands for polyvinyl chloride. This type of plastic can be very, very difficult to get rid of or break down, that’s why most recycling programmes will not take them. 

Here at Yogi Bare, we have made it our mission to not only protect Mother Earth, but also educate on the materials that are used on wellness products. We are always aiming to think of new ideas and ways in which we can give back to our planet - including the creation of our yoga mats. For example, we have strayed away from the typical yoga mat making process. Our mats are made with non-slip technology and materials such as natural rubber and PU. 

What Is Our Recycle Mat Scheme?

Introducing our recycle mat scheme!  In collaboration with Safer Surfacing, you can now recycle all of your yoga mats. Safer Surfacing have a mission to recycle one of the worlds most commonly wasted and toughest material to get rid of - rubber. Using all of your discarded yoga mats, they are able to create high quality rubber chipping which can go into play areas and parks. Not only does this solve the problem of unused rubber material, but it also makes these spaces safer for children as this chipping prevents injuries, helps cities bloom and even protects hooves in equestrian centres. 

How Can You Participate?

If you want to get involved with our recycle mat scheme then get in touch with us. We can provide any extra information you will need and give you a postal address for you to send your mat. 

We take full responsibility by recycling your worn out wellness mats and ensure that we do not create any additional waste. When you send us your mat for recycling we will also email you a 15% off discount code, which you can use to purchase a brand new yoga mat and continue your wellness journey

It is also important to note that we will take any brand of yoga mat that uses PU rubber. When it comes to packaging your mat to send it off, you can roll it up or fold it so it will fit in your packaging, we aren’t picky! You can also wrap it in craft paper if you can’t find anything suitable to send it off in.

Other Ways We Help The Planet

With our main focus being on the planet here at Yoga Bare, we are so happy to have a recycling mat facility that we can share with our fellow yogis. In addition to this scheme, we also have some other plans in place that means when you purchase a mat from us, you are always helping the environment in one way or another.

For example, one mat sold equals one tree planted with Hometree. Hometree works to establish and conserve the permanent native woodland in Ireland. With core values in education and supporting increased awareness about the natural environment, they encourage land regeneration.  When you buy a mat from Yogi Bare, you are putting money back into the protection of the planet.

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I would love to get my current yoga mats recycled. I have a mat and a travel mat, both ‘this is Olie’ mats which according to Amazon say they are made of “Made from a fully vegan original blend of natural rubber base and a polyurethane top layer”.

Would it be possible to join your scheme, if so could you tell me a little more about what I have to do.
Many thanks,

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