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Which Acupressure Points Heal Headaches?

As we go about our day-to-day lives the exposure to daily stressors and environmental stressors can be overwhelming. Juggling our jobs, social life and getting in all that important exercise...

Yoga Mats

10 Ways to Use a Yoga Mat

If you’re sitting there thinking a yoga mat is, well, just for yoga, it’s time to think again!! In fact, there are so many other uses for a yoga mat....

yoga for men

The Health Benefits Of Yoga For Men

There’s a big misconception that yoga is a female only discipline. In fairness, there are millions of women the world over that have embraced this ancient philosophy and system of...

Yoga Benefits For Ballets Dancers

Yoga Benefits For Ballets Dancers

It is a well known fact that yoga can help people to feel more relaxed and improve their mental wellbeing. But this is not where the benefits of yoga stop....

Breathing Exercises for Flow State

Breathing Exercises for Flow State

Yoga, for most people, is the perfect opportunity to de-stress and really focus on the self, that is why many of us have made it part of our daily routines....

yoga gratitude

How To Practise Gratitude

It’s thought that practicing gratitude can have many positive mental health benefits, but what is it? And how do you incorporate gratitude into yoga?   What Is Gratitude? It’s really...


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