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Yoga in the Hospitality Industry

There is a lot more excitement for sustainable yoga in the hospitality industry. Wellness and healthy living trends continue to rise, so it comes as no surprise that yoga in the hospitality industry is growing. The industry is always looking for ways to provide sustainable wellness and mindfulness tools for travellers and guests. Well, yoga IS the best, scientifically-backed way to improve physical and mental health (we may be a little bit biased!). 

Why Should You Practice Yoga When You Travel? 

When most of us travel, it can be challenging to maintain our yoga practice, especially when you're faced with new and exciting adventures. Travel can also be very stressful, from delayed flights and long car drives to limited legroom, by the time you check into your hotel room-you're both exhausted and stressed out. So if there ever was a good time to do yoga in your busy daily life, it would be during your travels! 

Atha yoganusasanam: Yoga is now. It is a reminder to be present. We're encouraged to take in everything around us, experience all the emotions we are feeling and turn them into positive energy. Yoga can reduce anxiety levels, help you maintain a sense of balance, help you stay present in your travels and create a sense of contentment. This is why yoga in the hospitality industry is heading in the right direction. 

Practice Yoga Anywhere

Guess what? You can practice yoga anywhere! Now more than ever, it's easy to work out on the go. YouTube, smart TV's, and fitness apps mean having a gym membership isn't necessary. So, why not from your hotel room? When travelling abroad, getting to the gym may not always be possible. That's why more and more hotels are offering yoga programs, and mindfulness in their rooms. They are even offering yoga mats in hotel rooms for guests to use during their stay (making sure they are cleaned after every visitor!). This is so yoga-fans of all levels and guests can work out how they want; when they want. 

Practice Yoga in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has recognised that a lot of the people who stay in hotels have been sitting in business meetings or travelling all day and are stressed out. In fact, Kimpton Hotel's also have Yogi Bare mats in their guest rooms. Its complimentary in-room "Roll Out" service offers extra towels, water, fruit, and on-demand fitness TV. Who knows, you may find one of our eco-friendly yoga mats in the wardrobe of your next hotel?

As yoga in the hospitality industry grows, we are also incredibly excited to have partnered with Global Amenities Direct. 

"In today's busy world, people find it harder to wind down, so we at Yogi Bare couldn't be more humbled to bring accessible yoga to the whole travel community through our work with Global Amenities Direct, highlighting the importance of wellbeing and balance." - Kat 

Get Your PAWS on A Mat  

Are you feeling inspired? Designed with high-performance in mind, we recommend our Yogi Bare PAWS mat. The perforated natural rubber has an incredible grip and helps with sweat flow. Not only are they 100% vegan, but our mats are incredibly stylish too! 

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