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Yoga For Men: Voted One Of Esquire's Best Yoga Mats

Yoga During Lockdown

Since the beginning of lockdown in the UK it's been awesome to see how many people have joined the yogi world. In times of need a yoga mat can have the power to bring you closer to yourself and into a better mindset. And so as lockdown finally eases and we all gradually adapt into a new normal - those yoga classes you went to before lockdown just got a whole lot busier!

How cool is that? From something so awful and destructive, comes newfound inner peace and friendships to be made. 

For anyone that is new here - hey, how's it going!

Yoga For Men

Something great we've noticed as a team is the amount of men that have been interested in yoga, joining in on our social communities and joining the Yogi Bare pack - (our Paws X Mat has been a great hit!).

Even Esquire, an award-winning contemporary men's online magazine that oozes style, embraces culture, modern lifestyle and fashion has had their say... 

"Yogi Bare Paws yoga mat is perfect when you take your practice up a gear, as it's signature non-slip material will keep you upright when experimenting with advanced poses. It also features subtle alignment lines, so you can stay centered (literally, not spiritually – you'll have to do that yourself)."

Thank you Esquire for your glowing review!

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