Yoga During Lockdown: The Facetime Portraits Project - Georgia

Yoga During Lockdown: The Facetime Portraits Project - Georgia

Over the past few months in lockdown we created a special project with our wonderful friend @facetimportraits. Tim uses an incredible technique of shooting through the FaceTime app on your phone. It was our way of breaking the barriers of isolation + finding a way to connect with you. 

We wanted to explore the way that Yoga at home has supported you, held you, allowed you to escape but most importantly allowed you to connect, beyond anything else, with yourself. What followed was a truly moving creative project that felt like an insight into something truly hallowed. 

This is your yoga. This is your Yogi Bare.

Our Interview With Georgia About Yoga during Lockdown 

Georgia Holt - @fearlessbodies, is the founder of UN-FOLD, a studio for yoga, acupuncture and other still practises, as well as being an Auricular Acupuncturist, Movement + Holistic Health Practitioner.

We caught up with Georgia over Facetime, where Tim took some amazing pictures and our interview about yoga during lockdown took place.

georgia doing yoga

What has Yoga meant to you during COVID/lock down?

Yoga has always been a fundamental part of my practice, ever since a super young age. With lockdown it just heightened my need for the still practices like yin yoga, acupressure and breathwork, while also realizing my clients were in need of this more than anything. The head space in times of chaos is paramount. 

 georgia doing yoga

Has lock down affected your practice? (the good, the bad, the motivation, the atmosphere)

My practice became more exploratory, with less pressure on goals or skills I’d like to develop or reach. During lockdown I woke up every morning and simply asked my body what it needed emotionally, physically and spiritually. Some mornings this looked like having my headphones in dancing around the apartment, other mornings body weight strength training and others legs up the wall reading a book. I found it so exciting to be able to plan to meet a friend in a park that I’d love to train or play around with, and we found ways to train creatively even with the two meter rule. 


What was your practice like pre LD – was it more studio based?

It’s always been a mixture of taking occasional studio classes + my self practice. I feel it’s necessary to learn + be a student through other teachers, but also know that you have the individual capacity to develop therapeutic techniques for yourself during harder times. Essentially, we won’t always have someone to calm or soothe us, we have to develop these fundamental practices ourselves. 


georgia doing yoga

Tips on creating a magical space to practice in at home

Firstly, I’d say invest in at least two BLOCKS. These babies changed my life. The simple act of supporting different parts of the body and letting them release. We hold so much tension in our neck and head, to be able to rest our head on something, while in a pose is truly calming on the central nervous system. Secondly, a smell that resonates with you. A smell that reminds or brings you to a place that feels safe and comforting. I love good quality palo santo, rose essential oil or frankincense in a diffuser, the Malin + Goetz cannabis candle, and many more. A magical space requires GOOD ENERGY. So, make sure you’re letting no energy vampires into it. If you are, try to cleanse the space afterwards. 


Tips on practicing at home – motivation, times of day, online classes recommendations etc

Practicing at home requires a commitment to nourishing your mind and your body. A sustainable practice that you can keep up as you grow older, without feeling that you’re forcing yourself to do routines that don’t fill you with light. I would suggest exploring different teachers, exploring how you feel in different shapes, and test yourself when exploring a pose. See if you can find the therapeutic point within it for yourself. Then you’ll find you don’t always have to do a led class on YouTube, you can just free flow on your mat. 


georgia doing yoga

Did you find any moments of joy or inspiration you’d like to share?

I found joy and pleasure in stillness. The need to simply do nothing, but just be. It made me realise that this constant ‘doing’ isn’t good for anyone and results in burnout. I find that my individual worries and anxieties become lessened, whenever I view myself as part of a collective or something bigger. My inspiration came from figuring out ways I could bring more therapeutic practices to people struggling, when I knew the lockdown measures would eventually ease. It helps me to focus on helping others and essentially my clients bring me the most joy in my day-to-day life. 


Keep your eyes peeled for more interviews and amazing photography coming soon to our blog.

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