World Earth Day - How Yoga Has a Positive Impact On The Environment

World Earth Day - How Yoga Has a Positive Impact On The Environment

It’s easy to feel negative with everything that’s currently going on in the world. A global pandemic, war in Ukraine and the apocalyptic code red climate change warning from the UN. News, it seems, is permanently gloomy, so maybe now is the time to move our attention to what we can do. After all, so much is out of our control, but it sure feels good to take the initiative, which leads us into World Earth Day 2022.  

This Friday 22nd April 2022 is a chance for humanity to take a pause, celebrate the incredible planet that we live on as well as creating a fantastic opportunity to open the often painful and difficult discussion about how to move forward with climate change action, no matter how big or small those steps may seem.  

What is World Earth Day? 

The purpose of World Earth Day is to draw attention to the state of our beautiful planet. It’s truly a moment where we can come together, educate ourselves and act on the climate.  

It doesn’t matter who you are either. We can all have an impact. Big industries. Small businesses. Governments. Consumers. Homeowners. Parents. Children. Everyone has their part to play. It can’t be done by a single body of people, only by the masses. Simply put, we’re all accountable for what happens next.  

How Can I Get Involved in World Earth Day? 

There are millions of ways to get involved, from doing a litter pick of your street, recycling more of your plastics, becoming a sustainable shopper to planting trees in your garden.  

The Great Global Cleanup is a worldwide campaign to remove billions of pieces of trash from neighbourhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, and parks. The impact of this is unbelievably significant. For a start, there’s less harm to wildlife and humans, less pollution of our waterways and improved habitats for all species. Or you could sign the petition for sustainable fashion, encouraging fashion brands to create clothing supply chains that are ecologically and socially responsible. It takes less than a minute to sign! 

Head over to for more ideas on how you can get involved to create a less polluted planet. Or come up with your own ideas. There’s no wrong answer. Whatever you do will help. Even if it’s just to pick up a scraggly piece of string that you see on your next countryside walk. That might be the action that stops an animal from getting it caught around its body and dying a painful death.  

How Yoga Has a Positive Impact on the Environment 

Yoga unifies the mind, body, and spirit. It’s a grounding practise and the link between ourselves and the earth surfaces in a variety of ways, whether that’s practising yoga in the great outdoors or simply feeling the connection between our feet and the ground during a pose  

That’s why so many yoga brands have been the first to adopt sustainable practises and choose natural, eco-friendly materials for their products. They know that the yoga customer would rather not be wondering how toxic their yoga mat might be or feeling guilty that a habitat has come under threat to make it. Or stressing that their yoga pants have contributed to greenhouse gas emissions. Nope, they want to be sure they’re buying sustainable yoga clothes too. 

Sustainable Yoga Mat UK 

You can rest assured that Yogi Bare Mats are made from natural, biodegradable rubber, sourced from a sustainable forest, ensuring that they’re also free from nasty chemical residues too.  

Being eco-conscious and creating sustainable products is at the very heart of all Yogi Bare operations. We’ve ensured that every step of the supply chain, from product, to packaging to freight has been micro- analysed. It’s taken so much work but we’re proud because we can confidently say that we’ve minimised waste, and used or repurposed sustainable, recyclable materials wherever possible. Even the attractive designs on our yoga mats are laser engraved to avoid the use of anything toxic. 

These really are the ultimate sustainable yoga mats because we’ve also collaborated on a fantastic initiative at Moy Tree Farm to support their Project Hometree. So, each time a Wild Paws extreme grip yoga mat is sold, a tree is planted. It’s an evocative mat with images of trees, swallows, and fauna, a reminder of the link between us and the universe and meaning that you can take pride in helping the planet too.  

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