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The difference between bamboo and cork yoga blocks, which is best?

Why do we use yoga blocks

Some yogis swear by a yoga block for support in tricky poses or if they are practising with an injury for a bit of added comfort. But not everyone uses yoga blocks; not every yogi will need one. Aerial yoga for example is a discipline that won’t really require a yoga block, unless to help you step in and out of your airborne positions. Whereas in a vinyasa yoga session, a yoga block can be a really useful tool. 

So which type of yoga block material should you choose? Our yoga blocks are either made from bamboo or cork, both natural and sustainable materials that are great to work with, each having their own benefits. 


Why should you choose a bamboo yoga block? 

Bamboo is well known for its durability and being more long lasting than other types of yoga blocks, low quality man-made foam for example will dent and can fall apart easily (like when kids take bites out of swimming noodles, ew). Bamboo yoga blocks are firm and offer a higher level of support. 

The heavier weight of a bamboo yoga block will allow you to have greater stability for callisthenics and body weight yoga positions like handstands and arm balancing training. Bamboo is also a naturally grippy surface, which makes sure you don’t slip or knock yourself over. 

Not to mention they look fab and will totally upgrade your instagram aesthetic. Also if you have a studio and hold classes, a bunch of bamboo yoga blocks can be easily stored as they stack nicely together, meaning more space for yogis!


bamboo yoga block in use


Features & benefits of cork yoga blocks

Cork yoga blocks are a lot more lightweight than other types of blocks meaning they can be great if you’re in a tricky position where the block might land on you! Cork blocks are also more stable than a low quality foam, but can also chip and can fall apart more easily than a bamboo block for example. Sustainability wise cork yoga blocks are obviously a better choice than a man-made foam, giving you peace at mind that you’ve done something good for the planet.

Cork yoga blocks are slightly heavier than a foam block and therefore will offer a more sturdy and supportive base to practise from. If you are more advanced at yoga or attend hot yoga classes, a cork yoga block may be the best option for you in comparison to a foam block as they are more dense and will offer better stability. 

The choice is yours!

The type of yoga you want to practise will then decide which type of yoga block will work best for you. Take your time researching, this little guy could be with you for the rest of your life (if you choose wisely and sustainably that is.) But most importantly, have fun with your yoga block and let it transport your ability to new dimensions!

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