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National Walking Day

Posted by James Oakley on

Springtime creates the perfect opportunity for spending more time outdoors. It’s simply wonderful to breathe in the nourishing fresh air, not to mention a much-needed dose of vitamin D to make us feel better.  Going...

What Does Acupressure do to Your Body

Posted by James Oakley on
The aim of applying pressure on certain points is to clear energy or ‘chi’ blockages along meridian pathways. This has the effect of improving circulation and energy levels.

All About Our LFC Mat: You'll Never Walk Alone

Posted by James Oakley on

At first glance, football and yoga look as if they’re from different worlds. But whilst it’s true that one is fast-paced and adrenaline fuelled and the other tends to be slow and deliberate, more football...

How To Practise Gratitude

Posted by James Oakley on

It’s thought that practicing gratitude can have many positive mental health benefits, but what is it? And how do you incorporate gratitude into yoga?   What Is Gratitude? It’s really very simple. Gratitude is feeling...

How To Overcome Stress With Breathing Techniques

Posted by James Oakley on

If you’ve been feeling stressed out lately, implementing some breathing techniques in and out of your regular yoga sessions can be extremely beneficial.  Yoga is known for creating a calming and relaxing environment, which can...

7 Mental Health Benefits Of Meditation And Yoga

Posted by James Oakley on

The ancient discipline of yoga incorporates poses to stretch and flex the muscles, deeper, diaphragmatic breathing, and meditation. All of which build strength, clarity, awareness and harmony between mind and body. It’s obvious that yoga...

How To Get Over Post Lockdown Gym Anxiety

Posted by James Oakley on

As COVID restrictions are lifting, many of us are turning our thoughts to getting fit once more. But after months at home, the prospect of joining a gym, class or even doing some exercise on...

10 Grounding Activities To Release Stress

Posted by James Oakley on

When we think about stress and anxiety, we often veer towards traditional coping strategies. Mindfulness, meditation, exercise and stress-counselling. These all have their place and can be highly beneficial. But did you ever consider doing...

A Note from Kat, Our Founder

Posted by James Oakley on

Hey Kid.   You’re doing just fine.  I just wanted you to know that. Whether your days are bullet point journals of organised hours and ticking off tasks …. Or if your activewear is strictly for...

Can Yoga Change Your DNA?

Posted by Katherine Pither on
The effects of Yoga Meditation and mindfulness on our DNA, health and stress.