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Our Yoga Nidra Guide For Blissful Sleep

Posted by James Oakley on

For many of us, the daily stressors we have in our lives mean that falling asleep can be relatively difficult. Outside of trying all the more basic relaxation techniques, such as taking a long bath,...

How To Practise Gratitude

Posted by James Oakley on

It’s thought that practicing gratitude can have many positive mental health benefits, but what is it? And how do you incorporate gratitude into yoga?   What Is Gratitude? It’s really very simple. Gratitude is feeling...

5 of Our Favourite Guided Meditation Online Classes We Think You Should Try

Posted by James Oakley on

Meditation is a great way to de-stress, unwind and find some calm when times can seem hectic. Is there anything  better than finding some time to yourself and enjoying some solace in relaxing the mind,...

Can Yoga Change Your DNA?

Posted by Katherine Pither on
The effects of Yoga Meditation and mindfulness on our DNA, health and stress.


Posted by Katherine Pither on
Find your Y & B inspirational tales with the rad Gemma Harrison found of VC - the female biker gang who want to be your bestie.