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Wellness Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2022

Posted by James Oakley on

It seems like we’re always on a never-ending quest to find the perfect gift, doesn’t it? Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and then of course, along comes Mother’s Day. Life gets busy and we often end...

3 Sustainable Features Of Our Acupressure Mats

Posted by James Oakley on

 If you’re looking to get your paws on an acupressure mat, but are looking for a sustainable option, we’ve got you covered! We're a completely sustainable yoga brand, and our acupressure mats are no exception....

10 Reasons to Hit the Spikes - Why you should be using an Acupressure Mat

Posted by Katherine Pither on

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy that is practiced by health professionals all around the world. However with rising stress levels and chronic pain statistics, many choose to enjoy the treatment from the comfort of...

Feeling under pressure? Try Yogi Bare Acupressure!

Posted by Katherine Pither on
What is an Acupressure Mat and how to use an Acupressure mat for Anxiety.