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Not Just a Green Yoga Mat

Posted by James Oakley on

The earth is our home, and we need to protect it at all costs. The way the environment and climate can make everything seem scary, but we are true believers in sustainability and moving through...

Groundswell LA Meet Up

Posted by James Oakley on

Yogi Bare founder, Kat, has always held strong, personal ethics that have helped shape her business. For one thing, she’s been on a personal mission to make yoga more inclusive and accessible to everyone no...

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats vs Synthetic Yoga Mats

Posted by James Oakley on

The beauty of a yoga mat is that it’s multi-purpose. So, whether exercise, yoga, or meditation, is your thing, having one of these on hand means you can do it at home, on the move...

Why You Need a Non Slip Yoga Mat

Posted by James Oakley on

We’ve all been there. You know, the time when you’re mid-way through a yoga lesson. Looking down, you notice your palms are a little sweaty. As soon as the thought registers, Niagara Falls erupts. It’s...

If you go down to the woods today ...

Posted by Katherine Pither on
What happens to the trees we plant?