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Pride Month Spotlight: Follow and Learn From These Educators!

Posted by James Oakley on

In June, we celebrate Pride. We wave our rainbow flags high and shine the spotlight on everyone who makes the LGBTQ family. If Yoga translates as unity then united we stand – not just for...

5 Unique Styles of Yoga

Posted by James Oakley on

When we say yoga is for everybody and for every body, we really do mean it! For newbies looking to venture into the world of yoga, it can at first seem intimidating, but we are...

Can Yoga Change Your DNA?

Posted by Katherine Pither on
The effects of Yoga Meditation and mindfulness on our DNA, health and stress.

10 Reasons to Hit the Spikes - Why you should be using an Acupressure Mat

Posted by Katherine Pither on

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy that is practiced by health professionals all around the world. However with rising stress levels and chronic pain statistics, many choose to enjoy the treatment from the comfort of...

Above & Beyond Flow State Interview: Paavo

Posted by Katherine Pither on
Yogi Bare interview Paavo from Above and Beyond for the eco friendly grippy Yoga mat collaboration for their album Flow State.

How to Come As You Are ... when you don't want to.

Posted by Katherine Pither on

Compare Despair. Its a real thing huh? It feels an especially mean trick for the brain to play on us when we are having a poorly mental health day. But heres a fact you already...