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Feeling under pressure? Try Yogi Bare Acupressure!

Posted by Katherine Pither on
What is an Acupressure Mat and how to use an Acupressure mat for Anxiety.

Above & Beyond Flow State Interview: Paavo

Posted by Katherine Pither on
Yogi Bare interview Paavo from Above and Beyond for the eco friendly grippy Yoga mat collaboration for their album Flow State.

Flow State Above & Beyond Interview: Elena Brower

Posted by Katherine Pither on
Yogi Bare interviews authentic Yogi and best selling author Elena Brower for Above and Beyond Flow State Eco Friendly Yoga Mat and Album launch.

How to Come As You Are ... when you don't want to.

Posted by Katherine Pither on

Compare Despair. Its a real thing huh? It feels an especially mean trick for the brain to play on us when we are having a poorly mental health day. But heres a fact you already...


Posted by Katherine Pither on
Yogi Bare introduces Come As You Are - Mental Health Awareness Campaign for anxiety, addiction, depression, mental health awareness

Sweet Dreams are made of Spikes. A Yogi Bare guide to using an Acupressure Mat.

Posted by Bold Commerce on
A guide to using the Acupressure Mat and Pillow for sleep.

Breakfast of Champions

Posted by Katherine Pither on

On the weekends we know how to brunch hard. We are talking double courses, enough washing up to get your evicted from your household, two hot drink, two cold drink situations. On the weekend we do...