Sweet Dreams are made of Spikes. A Yogi Bare guide to using an Acupressure Mat.-Yogi Bare

Sweet Dreams are made of Spikes. A Yogi Bare guide to using an Acupressure Mat.

You've seen them on our website and our social media .. maybe even dared your friend to have a go when you've met us at festivals but what on earth do our spiky mats do?!

They've been fondly nick named bed of nails and torture devices but actually the Yogi Bare Acupressure Mats are designed to be PURE BLISS for your body.

This week is Sleep Awareness Week so as a nod to the Land of Nod we thought we'd talk you through how Acupressure Mats can help you get the best nights sleep and heal your body.

We don't sell what we don't use and believe in ourselves and after years struggling with acute Insomnia and anxiety related nightly clock watching into the wee hours, our Founder Kat needed a solution!


So what is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient practice, especially in Chinese Traditional Medicine. It is the application of pressure to stimulate of meridians — a network of energy pathways throughout the body. Essentially tapping into the nervous system and catalysing relaxation.

The meridian lines along your back, shoulders and neck are association with rest, relaxation and recovery.

Lying on your mat essentially makes the body and nervous system say Hey! Whats going on! Im lying on a bed of spikes! But quickly your body realises its safe and the sensation is actually pleasurable. A rush of endorphins floods the body and you may even feel a magical warmth as the muscles fully release.

Often we whizz through our days like busy bees and jump into bed expecting the sleep of Goldilocks but while our minds may be tired we haven't allowed the body the transition time to unwind and switch off.

Our Top Tips:
Get used to mat by using a thin t-shirt between your body and the spikes initially. Eventually skin contact will give you the best experience.
Experiment! Mediate, lie in candlelight, put on some James Blake, drop some essential oils on to your mat. Treat it like a date just for you and indulge in your own little ritual.
Then Experiment some more! Legs up the wall, draw your legs into your chest and rock gently side to side.
You may feel it more when you are tense or stressed. When you chilled you may not feel it so much. Just appreciate how cool it is to be tuning into your body.
Great for post exercise recovery when used on backs of legs, hands.
Standing on the mat is very energising and targets reflexology points on the soles of the feet.


And because we loved it so much ... we created the Yogi Bare Acupressure Pillow to release cranial tension, massage the scalp and help unravel those naughty tension headache.

And as ever we kept the price super Accessible. So nothings going to keep you up at night.

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