Our Top 10 Ethical Gift Guide

Our Top 10 Ethical Gift Guide

Yup, you've guessed it, Yogi Bears! It is already that time of the year, the time to celebrate family, giving and all things festive. You may already have bought a few presents for your loved ones or are still on the hunt for the perfect gift. But although this time of the year is so joyful, the downside is that it is also filled with a lot of unnecessary waste. Do you struggle to find the time to source eco-friendly gifts? Well, we have solved this problem for you with a list of our top 10 favourite ethical gifts. 

Why Choose Ethical Gifts

According to Wildlife and Countryside Link, in 2018 the amount of estimated waste in the UK alone was:
  • 103,000 tonnes of plastic packaging thrown away and not recycled 
  • Almost 3,600 tonnes of aluminium foil in landfill
  • Around 106 square km of wrapping paper 
  • 300,000 tonnes of card packaging
These estimated statistics are just a fraction of the impact that Christmas can have on the environment around us. We can all help minimise this impact by doing at least one thing differently, helping to save the lives of endangered animals all over the world. One way of doing this is by giving a gift that not only will make the receiver so grateful, but also helps the environment instead of harming it.

Top 10 Ethical Christmas Gifts 

1. Adopt An Endangered Animal

There are many organisations that you can go through to any animal that you like. A few examples are Whale and Dolphin ConservationWWF and The Wildlife Trusts

2. Plant a Tree

Charities such as Woodland Trust and Worldland Trust enable you to plant a tree in someone's name and go and visit it after it has been planted! This eco-friendly gift helps you give back to the environment and avoid waste at the same time

3. Buying or Even Making a Handmade Gift

There are many brands out there that you can browse for a fantastic handmade gift. Or, if you are feeling creative, why not make your own? You could make a candle, soap, coasters; the list goes on!

4. Make Yummy Food Gifts

Similar to the one above, if you aren't a baker, then you can find some delicious baked goods from a local bakery. Otherwise, why not bake your own treats, whether they're savoury or sweet, but tasty all the same!

5. Buy Second-hand Gifts

Finding a new home for a piece of clothing, book, or a game is a great way to minimise waste. Plus, if you are buying from a charity shop, then you're further supporting those in need.

6. Do Something Instead of Giving Something

Why not choose experience over a materialistic gift? You could learn a new skill together, go for a cycle, plan to hit a new goal together, the list is endless. What's more, is that both of you will remember the journey and create so many memories together!

7. Pay for a Class for Them to Attend, or Attend Together

This is similar to the previous one, but why not pay for a class, workshop or retreat as a gift? This could be a yoga or exercise class, a cooking class or a meditation class! 

8. Create a Personalised Playlist

This is the new version of the days where people used to give each other mix-tapes and CDs as gifts. Create a playlist of songs that you love; they love songs that remind you of them, or that you think they haven't heard of but will love. 

9. Be Creative and Make Something

If you are a creative person, the most heartfelt gift you could give to someone is creating a personalised piece of work for your loved one. This could be a song, a book or a story, a poem, a painting. They will value the time and effort you have gone to make them such a thoughtful gift, and you will be creating instead of wasting. This is the ultimate Christmas gift to make someone cry happy tears.

10. Wild Paws Yoga Mat

Things just got a whole lot more earth-friendly! For the perfect gift for yogis, why not buy them one of our own sustainable Wild Paws Mats? For each mat sold, one tree will be planted through our partnership with Hometree. The mats themselves are also made from natural eco-friendly rubber, and the highly gripping properties of the mat will offer maximum support during a sweaty yoga session. 

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