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The earth is our home, and we need to protect it at all costs. The way the environment and climate can make everything seem scary, but we are true believers in sustainability and moving through the world with kindness and making positive changes. National Love a Tree Day is a way to realign with nature and be grateful for the beauty the world has to offer. In this article, we will be showcasing the beauty of what trees do for our amazing planet and also giving you the opportunity to get involved, one tree at a time. 


What Is Love A Tree Day?

This special day, known as Love a Tree Day, is celebrated every year on May 16th. It is to signify the beauty and strength in our environment. Trees stand tall for hundreds and thousands of years, withstanding so much torment and struggle yet never waver in their strength. 

Love a tree day is a great way to celebrate not just nature and the beauty of trees and it so eloquently falls in the middle of the Garden for Wildlife Month. It’s a month to celebrate nature and what it offers not just us but every living being. 

When people think of trees you think that the world was never without them. But in actual fact, for the first 90% of the planet's history, they simply did not exist. It’s hard to wrap your head around, isn't it?  

What did the landscape of earth look like then? If not for forests and endless greenery. Trees, as we know them, didn't exist but they had fungi and they reached heights of twenty-six feet and looked a lot like trees.  


What Trees Do For Us

Without trees where would the earth be? They are stunning and magnificent, as well as of course, providing us with clean air. Trees have a practical place within the world, they offer a rest bite from the weather either scorching heat or downpour.

Trees also are an amazing way to reconnect with the earth and find balance within yourself. Nature is extremely healing grounding and spending time with them can help you reconnect with yourself and the earth. National Love a Tree Day is a way to heal any disconnect you may be feeling and realign yourself with nature and the earth.

The long list of the amazing benefits that trees give the world is long and never-ending. They provide us with the means to build shelter and make homes, furniture…...it would take too long to list all of the benefits we all thrive off of from using the timber that trees provide. They also are homes and habitats for a whole host of wildlife creatures and provide food from the nuts they are able to produce. But the most amazing benefit of them all is the oxygen they provide for all beings. 

Trees also provide us with immense beauty and have been the focal point of artistry and decoration.  Without trees where would we be? So we want to show our gratitude and appreciation for everything they do for us and our planet. 

Animals also need trees for their survival, too many get chopped down and discarded, disrupting the wildlife and endangering habitats. Trees are home to a whole host of animals and wildlife and one tree on its own can be a home to hundreds of creatures. National Love a Tree Day is a way to remember this and open your eyes to the abundance of life trees give to every living being.

 Women in a plank position on a eco-friendly green yoga mat

Make Your Practice Sustainable

Get your paws on our Wild Paws Natural Rubber Green Yoga Mat and celebrate #LoveATreeDay. We have made a yoga mat in green, to signify our solidarity with our beautiful earth.

The best part of having a sustainable yoga mat is that every day you will have a conscious and kind practice.

We believe life is a constant journey and adventure and our rubber yoga mats can withstand the ride. They are eco-friendly and made from natural rubber, so get your paws on the mat and have the best yoga practice whilst making the world eco-friendlier with every downward dog.


 Our Recycle Your Yoga Mat Scheme & How To Get Involved

Even in recent times, individuals have become so environmentally conscious that a sustainable lifestyle to protect our trees has become the norm. 


The Importance Of Nature

May 16th is Love a Tree Day, let’s make every day a day to be conscious and move with thought through the world. That is why with each mat sold we have partnered with HOMETREE to plant one tree. Let’s make the world a better place together, one eco yoga mat and one tree at a time.

Hometree's motto is more trees please and that is why it is so important to work as one and as the best team, to build forests and help to heal the planet.

Our green mat is a conscious choice to show our gratitude to Mother Earth in a special dark green with stick and poke tattoo style trees, swallows, and fauna.


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