Meet Taisie Grant Yoga

Meet Taisie Grant Yoga

As you know, here at Yogi Bare, we are super passionate about not only the charity work we do to support the environment but also the community. That's why we jumped at the chance to partner with Taisie Grant Yoga who will be hosting 24 hours of online wellness around the world to raise money for Supporting Wounded Veterans. We caught up with qualified yogi, Taisie Grant, to find out more about Wellness, Core and More in 24, Supporting Wounded Veterans and her passion for such an incredible charity. We are in awe!

Tell us about Supporting Wounded Veterans and the Importance of the Charity

Supporting Wounded Veterans helps medically discharged veterans overcome serious mental and physical injuries (which are often life-shattering) and help them back in to civilian life and employment. They have over a 95% success rate of getting their veterans back in to meaningful employment which is unrivalled. They do this by selecting veterans to join their comprehensive rehabilitation programme which includes sports rehabilitation, pain management, mentoring and employment programmes. There is a huge and very experienced support network to assist the veterans along their journey including GPs, Sports Medicine Specialists, Physios, Psychologists, Osteopaths, Sports Masseurs, Mentors, Buddies and more. 

Currently the charity are looking at trials with Kings College London which  are to be supported by the NHS and Chief of Defence Staff into treatment resistant PTSD and depression using psychotherapy-led MDMA. SWV is the only UK-based charity seeking to help those suffering from treatment-resistant PTSD.

This is ground breaking research and it is already showing the potential to have incredible results. In America there has been huge research begun in to this with 67.8% of the

subjects, who on average had suffered from PTSD for nineteen years, no longer qualified for a diagnosis of PTSD at the 12-month follow-up (after their last MDMA-assisted psychotherapy session).

Every year to start of the rehabilitation programme, they take a group of veterans to Klosters, Switzerland to take part in a ski-habilitation week. This trip which is a free opportunity given to the veterans by SWV, provides a supportive environment which promotes growth and transformation for the veterans.

Depression and isolation are often common feelings that these former members of the military suffer from and this programme gives them a new start. It gives them an opportunity to build their confidence and strength both physically and mentally and connect with people in similar circumstances, as they begin their rehabilitation back to employment in a transition to civilian life.

To support the veterans on this week, there is a huge support team which consists of specialist adaptive ski instructors, buddies, medics and support teams.

I am truly honoured to be selected as one of this year's 26 volunteer buddies to support a veteran on their ski-habilitation week in March 2021. My role as a buddy is to offer support and encouragement to my paired veteran in any capacity they need and to look after them during the week, assisting the adaptive ski instructors. From simply getting them to the slopes on time with the right kit, to skiing with them, listening, building relationships of trust and kinship and all that is required for them to get the most out of their journey, while helping them to enjoy the mountains and all that they offer.

Any who knows me well, knows that the mountains are my absolute happy place and I believe the freedom and space the mountains provide creates such a special place for transformation to blossom. To be able to support a veteran on their personal journey in a setting that promotes self-growth, cultivates confidence and provides a safe space to let their spirit shine is the ultimate privilege.

"You have allowed me to put some demons to bed and let me achieve a dream I NEVER Thought might become a reality..." Veteran

SWV is entirely funded by donations, sponsorship and contributions. The cost of taking each veteran through the ski-habilitation week is £6,200 with the full cost of the rehabilitation programme £14,200. None of this would be possible without your support.

What's the end goal of the event?

The end goal of the event is to raise as much awareness for SWV as possible and raise money to support the charity in the fantastic work that it is doing. It is a relatively small charity who is making a huge difference to veteran's lives with the tools that they share and research that they are conducting  - so for me it was incredibly important to raise the money in a way that reached as many people as possible raising the awareness of the charity in the process. I have a target of £5000 to raise in order to part fund my veteran on their rehabilitation journey. It would be nice to make as much as possible in the process and potentially go far beyond my target. 

I think to have the privilege to be able to support people who have given so much for their country in helping them get their lives back on track and giving them a future to look forward to is one of the most incredible things we can do. I really hope you will all join me in supporting this phenomenal cause. 


What's included in the ticket price?

Everything! 33 online classes across the 3 days from Friday 5pm through to Sunday 8.15pm. 

The ticket allows you to access ALL of the classes dropping in and out as many times as you like.  It will also give you access to the recordings of all sessions for up to 7 days after the event. 

Every entrant receives a discount code for 25% mindful chef, 15% off yogi bare and 25% off The Move Studios. 


There is also the chance to enter into the giveaway draw - which has an incredible line up of prizes worth over £1500.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced, young, old - Who can attend? 

EVERYONE!! it was really important for me when creating this event that it appealed to as many people as possible. I didn’t want it to be JUST for those keen fitness buffs, or those who are incredibly spiritual. I wanted it to be accessible to everyone.

A little like my own teaching approach to yoga, where I believe that yoga is for everybody and every body, I wanted this event to be for people who were old, young, fit, unfit, energetic, not energetic, spiritual, not spiritual, beginners, advanced etc. Literally Everyone. 

As a result I've worked really hard to help curate what I believe is to be an incredible line up. Everyone involved in the event is there because I work with them, I admire and respect their approach or knowledge, or they have come to what they do through personal struggles of their own. That is why the movement disciplines included are very diverse and everything that I personally love to do to complement my yoga practice. 

I wanted to make it as reflective of me and my approach as possible as this was something that was so important to me with this charity being close to my heart. It wasn’t about just going out to the biggest brands and the biggest fitness names – it was about the meaning behind why each and every person does what they do and how they aim to help shape their student’s lives through what they teach.


What can people expect from the event itself?

People can expected 3 days jam packed full of the juiciest, most delicious flows, endless creativity, high energy coaches, tools, techniques and knowledgeable insight to help us all find this mental and physical resilience we so desperately need in this current time of uncertainty. You will find kindness and connection in its abundance.

You will move, you will breathe and I know you will laugh (especially if anyone attends my yoga classes as it is obligatory plus I am the world's worst counter!). I really hope that it is a truly wholesome wellness event which gives so much back to those who have so kindly supported the charity by buying a ticket. You are genuinely changing lives.


It’s important to add that if can’t commit to the three days they can STILL attend! I wanted to make it as flexible as possible – so you can turn up for one session or you can turn up for 30. It’s important that people know they can drop in and drop out of the event as and when they feel as everything will be on catch up for 7 days after the event! So there is NO time commitment.


Who else is involved? Partners/Sponsors ...

I am incredibly lucky with regard to how kind and generous people have been in supporting the event not only with their time but with their prizes. There are no official sponsors per say - I have set this whole event up on my own. but there are a huge number of giveaways that have been very generously donated by everyone from mindful chef, your beautiful selves, The move Studios (Fulham), Jamie Hepburn, Barry’s Bootcamp, Georgie Harris, Nathalie Clough, Phoebe Greenacre, My Gym Wardrobe, FLEX Chelsea, and Holly Husler. There is a phenomenal give away list – and it is well worth entering the draw. This will continue to be run after the event in order to raise as much as we can from this incredibly generous list of prizes worth over £1500.


Will you be planning any more events like this in the future and what else can people expect to participate in?

I have really loved brain-childing this event. 

As I say it was an incredible personal event for me to pull together to make sure it stayed in line with my values and the whole reason I do what I do everyday.

I am all about serendpity and also synergy. I often believe that everything comes together the way it does for a reason and I thought that being in the privileged position of being chosen by the charity as a volunteer to support a veteran, it means that I am able to support the incredible work that the charity does with the work in my personal space. Everyone in the wellness space who is supporting this event works with people daily to have them find mental and physical resilience to navigate their lives and this often hectic world in which we live. What better way to support a charity who focuses on supporting those with mental and physical injuries than by creating an event where the sole purpose is to help participants find mental and physical resilience in their lives and somewhere to connect. At a time where this is needed now more than ever.

My aim is always to help people move and feel better and share my magical toolkit with them which has helped me come from a very dark place and I believe there are so many beautiful synergies that have come together to form this event in to what it has become.


If I can't attend, how else can I get involved/donate?

Great question - there are many ways you can get involved/ donate. 

You can always purchase the ticket and join in on catch up - again I wanted to make the event as ACCESIBLE as possible to everyone.  Therefore if you purchase a ticket but can't attend - you will gain access to the event for 7 days after the event so there is a huge opportunity to make the most of the sessions and teachers you might have missed live.


Sign up to the event here: landing page link:


Eventbrite link:


If you simply don’t want to get involved and want to donate - you can go directly to my just giving page here:

I would be so humbled by your support no matter how big or small. Every penny towards helping reach the £14,200 to take one veteran through the programme is a penny that is helping to give a veteran their life and future back. and the hope that they will be able to once again with the right support from the charity, find a safe, stable, brighter happier future. And I think that is one of the greatest gifts we can give someone who has so selflessly fought and served for their country. 

I do hope you will support me in this endeavour.

Big love to you all.

Taisie xxx

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