Global Recycling Day: Our Mat Recycling Programme

Global Recycling Day: Our Mat Recycling Programme

At Yogi Bare, we are a sustainable yoga company based in the UK and our mission is to change the world one yoga mat at a time. As yogis, we believe not only in recycling but in transforming the old into something new. We love to get our paws stuck into new and innovative ideas.

That is why Global Recycling Day is an important day for us. It serves to acknowledge and celebrate the role that recycling plays in ensuring our planet's future.

The primary goal of this program is to educate people about the necessity of recycling and to encourage them to conserve natural resources.

The date 18th March has a wonderful meaning behind it and was chosen for the start of Global Recycling day, as it was the Bureau of International Recycling's 70th birthday. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate such an achievement!

At Yogi Bare, we believe the future is in sustainability and recycling. We love getting our paws stuck in and doing everything possible to help out Mother Earth!

Honouring Global Recycling Day 2022

Our main goal at Yogi Bare is to protect this amazing earth around us whilst also educating people on how they can play a part in this. With our wonderful community of Yogis, we spend a lot of time on the mat but what happens when we want a new, shinier mat that doesn’t have scuff marks from our thousand-plus time of transitioning from downward facing dog to warrior two?

Do we just through them in the bin to end up in a landfill to still be there hundreds of years later?

When we put our paws on our yoga mats, it is with love and kindness to ourselves. We as a community come together either individually at home or in a group to show our minds and bodies the self-care it needs. So, why not show our old mats and the planet this same level of love?

We wanted to find an innovative way to give our old mats a new lease of life. What better way to honour Global Recycling Day than by coming up with a fun and pro-active way to achieve this?

How We Make Our Yoga Mats Eco-Friendly

We have been fortunate to work with Safer Surfacing on their mission to recycle rubber. This is an extremely common material that is used for an abundant number of things, but it is a hard material, that doesn’t break down easily.

We love yoga and how this has the ability to transform our bodies and minds, but it comes with the ominous darkness of using rubber mats! This did not sit well with us, because like all good things yoga mats do have a shelf life. If you are a yogi who is on your mat every morning rising with the sun, then it will wear and tear considerably over time.

Here comes the innovative solution we were talking about. You can recycle your yoga mats with us. We'll take your old rubber yoga mats and turn them into high-quality rubber chipping that can be used for fun! The chippings are used in play areas and parks, to help reduce injuries from falls.

Rubber has multiple uses, and we are always finding new and exciting ways to use our recycled mats.  

Why Sustainability is Our Mission

Change your mat. Change your flow. Change your life.

We believe you can have a pawsome yoga practice while also caring about the environment! We have the flexibility and power as yogis to be able to do both.

Global Recycling Day is every day for us! We want you to be able to freely flow on your mat knowing that you are making amazing choices for your body and the planet.

We want our products to align with this and with our yogi community.

We have a wide range of eco-friendly yoga products for our yogis to get their paws on from recycled yoga blocks to sustainable yoga mats. Feel good by doing good!

At Yogi Bare, we believe in being better and doing better. Now get your paws back on the mat and change this world one downward dog at a time with 15% off your next mat when you send us your old one.

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