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Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a great practice to have in your life, it is a way to align your mind, body and spirit as well as get a good stretch and work out. For a lot of people, yoga is a way to release tension and to be present on the mat.

But whether it is an at-home session or in a class, you generally will be guided and follow a sequence of poses. Yoga therapy is tailored to individual needs.

Maybe you aren’t feeling as refreshed after your usual practices, you may start to want something different. This is when you might start to wonder, do I need yoga therapy or is yoga therapy right for me?


What Is Yoga Therapy?

To get the most out of anything in life, it must meet your own needs and requirements. This is the same when it comes to yoga therapy. It is about tailoring your practice to align with your needs. It doesn’t always have to be about the physical aspect of yoga either, it is about breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness.

Yoga therapy is a way to target and help your mental and emotional health as well as your physical wellbeing. It does this by implementing techniques and exercises from your yoga practice.

It is based on the principles of authentic and traditional yoga, along with mindfulness meditation, and deep breathing, which both aid in good health. This form of therapy and approach helps to tailor what you need with your own personal assessment, along with goal setting, and yoga practices.


How Does Yoga Therapy Work?

To make yoga therapy work for you, you will first have to look inwards and figure out what is it that you are lacking or need, is it physical, spiritual, or mental?  Then from here, you can figure out how to start yoga therapy and how it will work for you.  


Physical Yoga Therapy

When it comes to yoga, the physical aspect can push you in terms of strength and flexibility. This is the same for yoga therapy. You can tailor your practice to and increase your overall wellbeing in terms of flexibility, mobility and balance.

Also, for yoga therapy you don’t have to be experienced, it works around your levels whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, there are always little changes you can make to enhance your practice and help you in becoming more advanced.

Focusing on your own body and physical practice helps to centre your senses on your body and what it needs. It can help to alleviate any discomfort or pain you may be feeling and it is amazing for any back pain, tight shoulders or any muscle tightness.


Emotional and Mental Yoga Therapy

Apart from the physical qualities of yoga, it helps you to align with your own thoughts and feelings. Yoga therapy is a great tool if you suffer from anxiety, low moods and even depression as it will help to teach you ways to cope when you find yourself in stress-inducing situations, or if any negative emotions start to rise up and even if you are feeling triggered and you are having to face some trauma in your life. 

It does this by having a calming, nurturing effect on the physiological effects of anxiety by not just calming your body but also your mind.

Just taking some time out for yourself and focusing on your needs is essential. You can lie down on our acupressure mat for as little as ten to twenty minutes and it can help to relieve any stress and tension in your body as well as aid you in a restful night’s sleep.


What’s the Difference Between Yoga and Yoga Therapy?

The main difference between yoga and yoga therapy is how it works for you on an individual basis. Yes, yoga in itself is relaxing and therapeutic, but it is normally a guided practice with a yoga instructor, whether in class or through your tv. This then caters for a group of people and what will work and what is good for everyone.

Yoga therapy focuses on your own journey, whether that is physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental. Its primary goal is how it can work for you and improve your life. Helping you to treat and address things that you need help with.

Yoga therapy is a new and fresh modern way of diving deep into yourself, using traditional principles of ancient yoga. It focuses more on therapeutic and healing processes instead of connecting mind, body, and spirit. The aim is to improve your own knowledge of yourself and help to tackle any issues whether internal or external.

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